505 Games announces the return of MercurySteam?

Some time ago now, Spain could boast of having a jewel whose success transcended borders, a studio so talented that it has secured partnerships with big companies to develop renowned licenses … This studio, it’s the Madrid team MercurySteam. Of course, it’s far from the only talented studio on the Iberian Peninsula, but it’s the only one that can boast of having developed Castlevania or Metroid.

However, nothing is everlasting and the studio’s success began to falter when Spacelords was released, a cool asymmetrical game that did not yet know how to meet its audience … Too bad, MercurySteam is still standing so you might as well keep beating the iron !

And strangely, the news that will follow are neither shared by the team, nor even by the publisher with whom he works… Well, not in a traditional way. Indeed, it is by peeling the financial results of the Digital Bros. Group (parent company of 505 Games) that Mike chuck (or @Futterish for Twittos), a marketer / analyst for F-Squared, discovered the pot aux roses. Not much more to eat apart from the mention of a release on consoles and PC, without naming anything or anyone.

The excerpt that mentions the project in question.

So be careful, we must temper: nothing indicates that the Madrid studio is going to offer us a new Castlevania and, to be honest, this is probably not the case … Indeed, it would be a safe bet that if it was a well-known game, a proper announcement would have taken place and we would not have discovered it like we do today, listening to the noises of the corridors. However, let’s be optimistic, the team behind Metroid: Samus Returns and the Lords of Shadow series probably have other great things to show us.

So, what do you think ? What did you think of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow? From Metroid: Samus Returns? Or even Spacelords? Do you have any expectations from our Spanish friends? Do not hesitate to share them with us!


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