50 F-35s taking off: Hot American message together

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                        According to Defense blog, the two F-35A air groups with 52 stealth fighters rehearsed the “Walking Elephant” showing off their strength at Hill base.

Screen “Elephant walking” with the largest number of F-35 to participate in order to test the readiness of combat and display the strength of the stealth squad. The 419 air force of the US Air Force announced:

“We have more than 50 F-35s walking on the ground and taking off constantly, this is part of a long-standing demonstration of strength with 388 air crew. We are ready to fly, fight and win anywhere in the world. “

50 F-35 jets: My hot dog
Very large “Elephant Walking” of F-35.

The exercise was held at Hill Base, Utah after the two air groups completed the conversion of all aircraft in service to F-35 fighters. During the rehearsal, the pilot piloted F-35 to run side by side at a slow speed on the runway, then onto the taxiway and sortie sortied with a gap of 20-40 seconds.

“Elephant walking” exercises help commanders evaluate the ability to deploy maximum forces in a short time, simulating the number of sorties increased in military operations. In addition to the fighters, the US military also sent helicopters and mechanical transport to the drill.

Commenting on the F-35’s large-scale maneuvers, military expert Tyler Rogoway said: “The Walking Elephant rehearsal of 5th-generation fighters is a reminder that Hill base has combat capability. top of the air force “.

It is not clear whether the large-scale “Walking Elephant” of the F-35 has anything to do with the tensions between the US and Iran.

But almost at the same time as the F-35 exercise, the US Air Force decided to launch six B-52H bombers to Diego Garcia, based on the Indian Ocean ready to deal with unpredictable developments. tensions with Iran escalated over the murder of General Qasem Soleimani.

The B-52H bombers were found to have left Barksdale Air Base, in Louisiana, on their way towards Diego Garcia. The base is nearly 3,700 km south of Iran.

But according to CNN, the deployment does not mean that the US Department of Defense has decided to launch action campaigns: “The Pentagon often deploys long-range bombers and other aircraft to show presence and American capacity. “

Referring to the US also brought six B-52 aircraft to Qatar in 2019 when tensions with Iran began to escalate. But in the decision to mobilize this time, the B-52 aircraft were sent to Diego Garcia to stay out of Iran’s missile range, the source said.

Clip of the continuous take-off of F-35

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