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50 Boeing planes were suspended due to wing cracking

Model 737NG of Boeing. Photo: Daily Mail

RT (Russia) said the Boeing 737NG was being tested. A Boeing spokesperson confirmed to AFP news agency (France) that its 1,000 aircraft around the world have arrived at the time of inspection.

The problem was discovered in many 737NG aircraft located in the part connecting the wings with the fuselage called "pickle fork".

"Pickle fork" is designed to be used for 90,000 landings and takeoffs. Each Boeing 737 is usually equipped with four "pickle forks".

The US aviation regulator in October requested a check-up of Boeing 737NG aircraft that had carried out more than 30,000 flights.

The 737NG series is the precursor to the Boeing 737 MAX. After the October 7, 2017 Boeing 737 Max passenger plane crashing of Lion Air (Indonesia), killing 189 people and later in March 2019, Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max killed 157 people, The 737 Max series has been banned from flying worldwide since March.

Meanwhile, Boeing's CEO testified before the US House of Representatives on October 30 and said the group had made a mistake in the Automatic Flight Control Enhancement System (MCAS) installed on 737. Max.

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