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5 websites to help test typing speed online


If you do not have the ability to type 10 fingers well, you should practice regularly to master this skill. Refer to the top 5 free online typing speed test websites below will be great choices for you.

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To know your typing speed, you need to use a tool to measure, test will result in your typing speed. Currently users can use the software offline to install and check their typing speed, or users can use some Online typing speed test website quite convenient, does not take much time to install and setup the program before using it.

5 websites that help you check your skills online

Test typing speed, users can use online typing test tool

5 websites to help test the best online typing speed

There are quite a few websites that help test your typing speed, in this article we will synthesize and list only 5 online applications that are considered to be the best typing speed according to Taimienphi. VN.

1. Test your typing speed online with 10fastfingers

Access website 10fastfingers follow the link HERE

The first website that we want to introduce to you, that is 10fastfingers. With this online typing checker application, you can easily check your current typing speed and typing speed with just a few simple steps.

5 websites to help check your skills online 2

First, you need to access the website following the affiliate link we introduced above. Next, you perform re-typing the words that appear on the screen of the web interface. The system will automatically statistic the execution time when you finish typing all the words that have appeared on the screen.

You can see detailed instructions test Vietnamese typing speed by 10fastfingers here.

2. Test typing speed online with TypingTest

Access website TypingTest follow the link HERE

Using TypingTest you can actively choose a typing test language including English, French, Dutch … When done, this online application also displays the time for users to perform, from The user will choose the performance level to check his or her typing ability.

5 websites to help check your skills online 3

You note with this online tool will not be suitable if you want to test Vietnamese typing speed. If you test typing speed in a foreign language, it will be very suitable for you to use.

3. Test typing speed online with Typeracer

Access website Typeracer follow the link HERE

Typeracer This website has been around for a long time. Previously, this online tool only supported English, but recently it supports Vietnamese language, so it is quite convenient for Vietnamese users. However, this online tool will still support the English language test mainly and is a great tool for testers to practice their 10-finger brow speed.

5 websites to help check your skills online 4

In addition to testing the typing speed, users can also participate in the game Typeracer which is quite interesting. This can be considered as a tool that combines play and learning to help users use the application more excited to use. When you play on Typeracer, you will be a car racer and the speed going will be the speed you type. Therefore, in order to achieve a high speed of your vehicle, you need to concentrate very hard to type quickly, typing as accurately as possible. It’s great, isn’t it! Please experience this online tool right away to feel about it.

4. Test your typing speed online with Typing Speed ​​Test

Access website Typing Speed ​​Test follow the link HERE

Typing Speed ​​Test is also a great online tool for checking your typing speed. Currently the application does not support Vietnamese, but this website has a very friendly interface, easy to use and deserves the No. 4 position on this list.

5 websites to help check your skills online 5

With a simple design, friendly interface, you just need to visit the website and then conduct the test, after finishing the implementation process, you can share your results with friends on social networks. to compare.

5. Test your typing speed online with Learn 2 Type

Access website Learn 2 Type follow the link HERE

The last online application featured in this article is Learn 2 Type – This is a pretty good tool to help users easily check their typing speed and text editing.

5 websites that help you check your skills online 6

Use Learn 2 Type You can know how many characters have been typed in the past minute, then click Test me and you will have the results after the test, and this application also displays the number of characters for you. know you are typing wrong.

The minus point of this application is that there is currently no Vietnamese interface for Vietnamese people, and the interface is not very good. However, if you simply need to test in English, this online application is also worth choosing and using.
Above is the top 5 websites to help test typing speed online Free is currently being used by many users. If you need to check Vietnamese typing then 10fastfingers will be the perfect choice. As for other languages ​​to practice typing, you can choose one of four online typing speed test apps introduced in this article. Wish you soon have the right choice for you.



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