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Netflix is ​​less expensive than cable TV, but still a bit expensive compared to many people's needs. One year using Netflix's "Basic" package will cost you 108 USD, while the "Premium" package is 192 USD. Fortunately, you can save some thanks to the tips below.

Share an account with family or friends

Netflix does not care if you bring your share account to everyone. The fact that the CEO of this company has made it clear that all forms of account sharing are acceptable (you can even share your account for people in other countries). And you know what that means? Watch Netflix for free!

In fact, Netflix is ​​only free if you watch your friends or family accounts. If you feel guilty about your conscience, you can ask them to share the usage fee – anyway, you can still watch a movie or a good price.

If you want to share your account with friends, you should choose the "Standard" package for $ 13 / month, or the "Premium" package for $ 16 / month. The "Basic" package only allows you to stream to one device at a time, while the "Standard" package allows 2 devices, and the "Premium" package allows up to 4 devices. If you share the "Premium" package with 3 more people, you will only have to pay 4 USD / month to watch Netflix only. That is, you save up to 60 USD (or more) each year.

Interestingly, if you share the "Premium" package for 3 more people, everyone will be able to watch Netflix in 4K format. With "Standard", you can only watch HD, and with "Basic" package, only you can see SD – 2019, no one wants to watch SD movies!

"Suspend" subscription package


Netflix once has a convenient "pause" feature. Basically, you can suspend the service (and the monthly fee) for a certain period of time without having to completely cancel the Netflix package. Obviously, this is a very useful feature that helps you save money. Why is Netflix giving you a pause?

Netflix wants users to come back, so the registration process must be as fast and easy as possible. Just like you restart your Facebook account; Enter your email and password, Netflix will ask if you want to restart the monthly subscription. It even remembers your credit card information so you don't have to type it again.

Remember that this money-saving trick is only useful if you don't use Netflix for a month (or more). In addition, your account will stop for one month after the last payment, not on the day you hit the cancel button. If you cancel in the middle of a paid month, enjoy the Netflix note a few more weeks.

Rotate stream service packages

If you subscribe to too many stream services, you can cut costs (without missing out on compelling programs) by rotating service packs. It may sound confusing, but think like this simple: instead of spending 288 USD / year to register both Netflix and HBO GO, you can just spend 144 USD by switching between one service. reasonable way.

Rotation here is like rotating the crop in agriculture. When farmers implement crop rotation, they are making the most of their land by focusing on a different crop depending on the season of the year (and this is also good for the land). For example, strawberries will grow best in the summer, while esoteric growth is strong in early autumn. Similarly, HBO GO released Game of Thrones season 8 in May, and Netflix will release Stranger Things new season in July.

Again, don't forget that stream services only stop for one month after your last payment, don't stop right on the day you hit the cancel button. When making service pack revisions, consider the right time. Instead of waiting until the end of the new month to stop your Netflix account (or forgetting to do it), you can stop as soon as you sign up. This means you only register for 1 month.

Downgrade to 1080p for several months


We all like 4K and expect stream services to offer more and more high-resolution videos. But perhaps your 4K "Premium" package is just an unnecessary waste (unless you share it with friends).

Why? First, do you watch Netflix on a 4K TV or monitor? If not, you don't need a 4K package. Next, your Internet speed has a download speed of at least 25Mbps, which is the minimum required to stream 4K. Even if it is enough, if you are on a wireless network, Netflix may only stream you 1080p content.

If you have super-powerful Internet connections and 4K screens super good, there is still one last thing to think about: only some programs on Netflix have 4K format. The HDReport page lists a list of 4K-format programs and movies on Netflix, and it's likely that your favorite programs aren't in this category. If you only like watching Netflix Originals movies (4K format), consider downgrading your service pack to "Basic" or "Standard" when your favorite shows are not yet in the new season.

Buy cheap Netflix gift cards

If you want to save a little while using Netflix for a year, look for discounted Netflix gift cards. This trick has been around for a long time, and it is currently no longer applicable. Netflix gift cards with discounted prices are hard to find, and you no longer subscribe to Netflix via third-party sources like iTunes (iTunes gift cards are always discounted).

Instead, you'll have to buy a Netflix secondhand gift card on websites like Raise or Cardpool. However, you can only save as much as 5 USD, and sometimes because of such a small amount of money, you are at risk of encountering some unpleasant problems: 3rd party gift cards may be error and you must contact the card seller customer care.

On the other hand, some real stores sometimes sell Netflix, Hulu, HBO gift cards and other stream services. If you find them being sold at a discount in a store that you often shop for, take advantage of buying now to save some money.

This method of buying gift cards is recommended for use rather than account sharing, but should only be used in case the above two methods do not work. When you apply a gift card to Netflix, the service will automatically use the entire amount on the card, and you will be required to use the correct number of months that the money has paid. For example, a $ 60 gift card will give you about 6 months to use Netflix, and you can't stop the service halfway.


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