5 tips to capture extreme street food you know yet?  5 minutes
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5 tips to capture extreme street food you know yet? 5 minutes

If you follow the street food photography tips below, iDesign believes that you can completely turn your casual meals into a work of art with any professional camera or regular mobile device. .

You want to own extreme street food photos like “food bloggers”? Or want to save the image of street food at tourist places as a moment of memory? Save the street food photography tips below, iDesign believes that you can completely turn your casual meals into a work of art with any regular mobile device or professional camera. Come on.

Have some decorative items ready

In the world of photography, there is an extremely important concept that anyone must know, which is “props”. Props is a word used to refer to decorative items around the main subject, deliberately arranged with the purpose of enhancing the beauty of the subject while creating a background, space for the image to be harmonious and more thoughtful. In street food photography, props play a similarly essential role.

Buy something light and compact to easily carry around when moving between restaurants. Spoons, forks, chopsticks (prepared for Asian dishes) or small knives (prepared for European dishes), made of wood or ceramic are the best choices for you to add a touch of touch. professional for photos. Absolutely not use plastic props because it will reduce the “delicious” for the dish when on screen.

Branches, flowers, newspapers, handkerchiefs or dish towels are all suitable props for street food shoots because of their compactness and flexibility when used. They are also easy to find and affordable.

The black set of chopsticks and wooden plates create a sense of class. Photo: Filippo Faruffini

Incorporate human elements into the photo

The next tip for “amateurs” to create street food pictures that look both beautiful and delicious is to incorporate the human element into your frame. The human factor mentioned here may be the seller, the customer or the people you are traveling with.

Viewers will be attracted to street food photos if you include a hand holding food or any action interacting with the food you are targeting. The guideline for a good photo is that when taking photos, focus on food, absolutely do not focus on the hands or face.

The combination of human factors will create a sense of closeness for the viewer, helping the viewer feel like standing in front of that dish. Furthermore, this tip is especially meaningful when you are photographing dishes that are familiar to people because the human appearance itself is a new breeze blowing in the soul of the photo.

Food grabbing is a simple but effective interaction in street food photos. Photo: Ansapsaigon

Use the typical background of the dish

This is especially effective for foods you can hold in your hand like ice cream, bread or smoothies. Choose from a background of brand names, food stalls, or any other main food related background you’re holding in your hand to add content to the photo. You can apply this as a “fire fighting” option for times when you cannot find the right props or are “stuck” with your ideas.

Respect sellers

One of the best street photography rules is to capture your subject as honestly as possible. And even though you have already spent money to buy that dish, when you want to take pictures at their shop, you need to ask for their permission first (especially taking pictures while traveling abroad because you will not want to get stuck in the trouble of customary and customary differences.)

Do not photograph people chewing food

You can take a picture of the person preparing food in his mouth, but never take a picture of someone chewing because it is rude. Chewing food is when the mouth is the most difficult to control, resulting in the character in the picture becoming awkward and even ugly. Therefore, it is best to take pictures when they are picking food into a cup, preparing to put it in their mouth or after chewing almost completely to keep the authentic content you want, while not losing the aesthetics. of the overall photo.

Do not take pictures while chewing to keep the character’s aperture aesthetically. Photo: iStock

And there are many other great tips about lighting, layout alignment, shooting angle … to help you create a “million like” street food photo on social networks. Please leave a comment and let iDesign know what you would like iDesign to collect next photography tips!

Synthesis and editorial: Thuy Van
Source: Beer & Croissants, SnapshotCanon

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