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5 Ticpods have not completely replaced Airpods on the Iphone

The truewireless headset is definitely the subject of interest in today's audio world as it is leading the trend of completely wireless wearable devices. In the previous post of mod eddie.labo talk about 5 points that Free Ticpods outperform Airpods. And here are 5 points that Ticpods cannot be an alternative to Airpods on Apple's ecosystem.

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1. Design ear plugs (in-ear)

The comparison between the two earbuds and inear seems to be limp, but for myself it is not appropriate to wear earbuds. Most people can wear earbuds but there is a lot of them that are hard to wear like earplugs. Design housing like Ticpods does not make me happy, the feeling of giving me uncomfortable, mysterious and painful ears for a long time. Meanwhile, Airpods are lighter, put into the ears and worn as if they were not shared by the @Knah mod.

2. The charger box is not eye-catching

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Ticpods are available to users in 3 different colors: blue, white and red orange as the version we have on hand. In general, color is fine but it does not give me the feeling of luxury. The Ticpods charger is bigger and coarser than the Airpods, and the charger still holds tight and doesn't drop the headphones, but the hinge of the hinges is a little bit worn over time. Not to mention the improvement of the product is quite poor, so the product buyers will encounter hinges with unpleasant squeaks.

3. Configuration, connection certainly does not replace Airpods in Apple ecosystem

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Affirming in finding the best truewireless wireless headset for Iphone, no third-party product can pass Airpods. Although Ticpods have a fairly fast connection speed, they are still not as good as Airpods when just opening the box is immediately connected. Certainly when in the ecosystem of the dictator Apple, the pet is always a comprehensive product.

4. The conversation is still far away

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Even though Ticpods have the ability to hear both sides of the ear or ear, the voice quality of the Airpods is still leading. Airpods' ability to amplify the microphone in ambient and ambiguous environments makes the call clearer, not to mention the stable connection with extremely low latency, as well as each party's conversation (ticpods can only be right). Not to mention the ticpods battery life is still poor, if combined with one-sided use for conversation, Airpods still eat Ticpods

5. The price is expensive for the brand

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The cost of Ticpods along with brands from China will make buyers hesitant especially with Vietnamese people. At the present time, the price falls to about 3 million, for iPhone users or Apple devices, if you pay a little more, we have Airpods 1 or Airpods 2 charging, much more optimized.


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