5 Meaningful Valentine's gifts from low price to high price, lovely and useful

5 tech items for women that are both pretty and useful

Valentine’s Day is over, but March 8 is coming, meaningful gifts for women at low to high prices will definitely be worthwhile suggestions for you.

The computer mouse is a familiar device that everyone needs to use every day. Giving gifts is an economical computer mouse that the recipient can use and remember you at all times. Of course, the product we choose as a gift cannot be too ordinary but must have an accent, like the Dareu LM115G with an extremely special and cute sheep-shaped design.

This mouse has an impressive appearance which is one thing where the quality is also appreciated. Ergonomic design convenient for users, does not tire your hands for long use. 1600 DPI resolution parameter ensures smooth operation. Mouse with standard AA batteries are easy to find, each battery lasts for years.

In addition to the sheep image, you can refer to other cute designs of the company

A humidifier is an essential smart device and should be used in an air-conditioned room or anywhere with low humidity. Not only protects the health of the respiratory tract, but the air is moist enough to help protect the skin. As a woman, she will definitely pay more attention to this matter.

Deerma’s humidifier has a reasonable price, suitable for use in rooms from 20 to 30 square meters. Not only moisture but it also features activated carbon, fine dust filter.

5 Meaningful Valentine's gifts from low price to high price, lovely and useful
Humidifier protects the plump of your skin

Although everyone already has a smartphone, owning a camera still makes many people excited. The Canon Ixus 185 is a compact handheld camera that is easy to use even by amateurs.

The resolution of the lens reaches 20 MP, optical zoom is 8 times, ZoomPlus is 16 times. Thanks to that, we will capture high definition, vivid and realistic pictures. The product features digital stabilization without worrying about vibration or picture noise. The Ixus 185 is also equipped with DIGIC 4+ image processor and many interesting modes such as fisheye, miniature, toy camera, monochrome, fireworks, long shutter, …

The compact camera suitable for travel, outing
The compact camera suitable for travel, outing

You want to give technology items to that person but the phone and laptop are too expensive and need not be replaced? Then the smartwatch will be a sensible and interesting choice. The Apple Watch Series 3 is given to men or women because of its stylish, luxurious and trendy design. You can choose a strap according to the recipient’s preference.

With a series of useful features: health monitoring, music playback, fast phone listening, … using Apple Watch will definitely make our lives more flexible and convenient. The elegant design of the Apple house also makes this jewelry worth the money.

The Apple Watch is both a smart device and a stylish jewelry
The Apple Watch is both a smart device and a stylish jewelry

If you are considering giving away a little worthwhile gift, simply order the newest Apple iPhone 12. If you give a female friend, most will like the iPhone 12 best in the new trio because of its size and price is also more comfortable than Pro or Pro Max.

This design of the iPhone has a big improvement with more rigid edges. The 6.1 inch size holds very well in the hand and is still pleasing to the full screen. You can choose between 5 colors: Black, Red, White, Green and Blue.

iPhone 12 compact and colorful dynamic, youthful and feminine
iPhone 12 compact and colorful dynamic, youthful and feminine

Meaningful gifts do not have to be the most expensive, but should be the gift that suits the recipient the most. Please consider choosing carefully!

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