5 simple mobile games for extremely attractive girls

5 simple mobile games for extremely attractive girls

Games have always been considered more for men. As for women, they will like games that are light, simple, easy to play and have topics closer to them. The following are the most popular simple mobile games for girls, have you tried them yet?

1. Audition Mobile

Audition is a “legendary” online game of the 9X age group, attracting all young people regardless of male and female. Now, this classic game has appeared on mobile and is hot again. Audition still owns attractive gameplay with diverse dance tracks, unique and eye-catching graphics with many clothes and accessories.

To fit mobile devices, Audition Mobile is designed with circular shapes. Players will click on it and hold with the big circle button to complete the jump. The game also has many dance modes, hundreds of diverse music and has a large gaming community.

Audition – a legend for a while and still very interesting

2. Hayday

Hayday farm game is an extremely popular game for decades and still has a large fan base. The game has both online and offline modes and is very suitable for “plowing” for a long time.

Hayday scores points thanks to very lovely graphics, vibrant and eye-catching colors and a rich visual system. You will become the owner of a farm, every day grow, raise and build your farm to grow more and more brilliant. We can also cooperate with friends and players online to complete tasks.

5 simple mobile games for extremely attractive girls
Hayday is a game that can be played for several years without getting bored

3. Cooking Mama

As a woman, surely many of you love cooking games. This is also the top favorite simple mobile game for girls. The most famous in the game store for a long time is Cooking Mama Let’s Cook. Although there is no sophisticated visual design, many levels or challenging gameplay, the game attracts thanks to its lightness, simplicity, and cuteness. The sisters just cook according to the instructions of the mother and enjoy the result of the finished dish.

5 simple mobile games for extremely attractive girls
Although it’s so simple, Cooking Mama is still very attractive

4. Fashion star

Since its launch in 2016, the fashion star has “swept” the world of online games for women in Vietnam. Up to now, this game is still being “plowed” by many female friends. Targeting the extremely attractive topic of women is fashion, the game owns a series of gorgeous, beautiful, trendy outfits and very cute character designs. No need for hack-and-slash or brain-hacking deductions, Fashion Star still attracts gamers.

5 simple mobile games for extremely attractive girls
The game makes every girl’s dream of becoming a princess come true

5. Cooking Fever

Unlike Cooking Mama, Cooking Fever is also a cooking game but a restaurant management game. This game is available on PC and phone platforms. You will have to play the role of a restaurant manager and waiter, cook and sell to customers. The game currently has dozens of different restaurants with diverse themes from European to Asian, restaurants to cafes, etc. And the publisher continues to update and develop more restaurants and other new levels to The journey of discovery never ends.

The game has hundreds of different levels and restaurants
The game has hundreds of different levels and restaurants

Finding and installing a few simple mobile games for girls on your computer will help you have a relaxing time every day. Who says girls can’t play games, it’s just because you haven’t found the game for you yet!

Chi Phạm

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