5 signs to replace the car exhaust immediately

5 signs to replace the car exhaust immediately

Automobile exhaust to the water, automobile exhaust to smoke, exhaust automobile exhaust … where are the signs to check and replace the automobile exhaust immediately?

The task of automobile exhaust (also known as exhaust) is to treat emissions. The structure of automobile exhaust includes many parts. The exhaust gas will pass through the exhaust filter, continue to the silencer and finally exit at the exhaust end. That is the working principle of automobile exhaust.

In the exhaust pipe is installed oxygen sensor, the function of this oxygen sensor is to monitor the level of emissions of each vehicle. After that, the sensor will report back to the computer to let the computer adjust the fuel injection amount for the vehicle.

Car exhaust systemCar exhaust system

The role of automobile exhaust is very important. Automobile exhaust helps exhaust gas is processed before being discharged outside. Without the existence of automobile exhaust, extremely toxic emissions will be discharged directly into the environment.

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When the car is operating, the exhaust pipe is subjected to very high temperatures. The heat level is even up to 427 degrees Celsius. So over time, the exhaust pipe appears cracked, rusted. Even when the exhaust pipe is made of extremely durable materials such as chromium, stainless steel, etc., wear or tear will still occur.

When you observe these signs, you should take the car to check to promptly replace the exhaust pipe, limiting the negative effects on cars.

Car exhaust pipe cracked

If cracks or sagging pipes appear on the exhaust pipe, get your car inspected as soon as possible. These are all signs that can be easily observed with the naked eye.

Considering the exhaust pipe cracked?Cracked automobile exhaust should take the car to check as soon as possible

Car exhaust is smelly

If your car exhaust is smelly, you may have a problem with the exhaust. The reason is that the exhaust gas may not be thoroughly filtered and an unpleasant odor will escape. In addition, the exhaust may also have leaked causing untreated emissions to be discharged causing an unpleasant odor.

Car exhaust pipe noise

Listening to the sound of cars exhausting is also one of the ways to check the status of the exhaust. Normally, the exhaust gas leak makes car exhaust sound annoying. Therefore, if this is the case, please quickly bring the car to the garage to check.

Exhaust pipes may emit noise when damagedAutomobile exhaust can emit noise when broken


  • Coatings under the car
  • Car seat covers
  • Car ceiling cover

Check Engine light is on

When the exhaust has a problem, the Check Engine light will light to notify the driver of the status. However, it should be noted that the Check Engine light can glow for many other reasons. Therefore, please take the car to check the overall of all parts to find out the cause most accurately.

Car exhaust is clogged

Clogged exhaust pipe in cars will cause exhaust gas to be congested in the duct. This makes the car engine use more energy, the performance is affected. The cause of the clogged exhaust pipe is mainly due to a problematic catalytic converter.

The reason may be because the catalytic converter is overworked or operates for too long to cause melting, the flow of gas inside the catalyst decreases.

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