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5 reasons why you should order Samsung Galaxy A80 today

And so Samsung Galaxy A80 officially launched in Vietnam, from now until 31/07 CellphoneS deployed Galaxy A80 pre-program with lots of valuable gifts.

From the introduction until now, Samsung Galaxy A80 has attracted a lot of attention from users, because of the technological upgrades that the Korean manufacturer brought on this product.

So what are the technological enhancements and in addition to the Galaxy A80 technology, there are also interesting points to make it the reason that many users should own at this time?

Many incentives for pre-booked customers

The first reason you should "drop money" to own the Galaxy A80 is the attractive gifts, the value that Cellphones dedicates to customers pre-ordered this product. Specific gifts are as follows:

  • 1 PC AKG Y500 Bluetooth earpiece headset value 3,990,000 VND
  • Endow 0% installment payment
  • Package accident insurance within 1 year.
  • Viettel package 1 year free Data Max S90 does not charge. With this S90 package, you will receive 6GB of high-speed Internet access each month, free of charge for all in-network calls with a duration of less than 10 minutes.
  • Bonus VND 500,000 when making payment via QR VNPAY

Gifts worth up to millions of VND, but yet CellphoneS also offers the best "preferential" price in the market to customers who pre-order Galaxy A80, to understand more about this preferential price, invite you Contact the hotline for free: 1800.2097 to be directly consulted by a counselor.


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Unlimited display, realistic, sharp images

The products of the A series are always given special attention by Samsung in terms of technology. This is most evident in the Samsung Galaxy A80, which owns a screen of up to 6.7 inches in size in addition to minimizing the surrounding edges, Samsung also eliminates the "mole" or drop of water there. Helping the A80 have a very large display space, no defects.

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Super AMOLED screen technology is present on Galaxy A80 will help the machine display brilliant images, flattering eyes, wide viewing angle and very high brightness. Full HD + resolution ensures sharp details. All of these factors will ensure the highest viewing and entertainment experience.

Sforum - Latest technology information page DSC1015 5 reasons why you should order Samsung Galaxy A80 today

A big-screen cinema screen is not only meaningful in terms of display, it is also a place for users to manipulate touch more comfortably. Especially when playing games, precise operation will ensure a higher winning rate.

Attractive hardware configuration: 8GB RAM, 128GB internal memory

Galaxy A80 is equipped with Snapdragon 730G processor, version "G" is considered a slight upgrade of CPU and GPU compared to regular Snapdragon 730. Inherently Snapdragon 730 has a very effective performance and when upgraded "light" on the "G", then surely the Galaxy A80 will not disappoint users. The loading of heavy applications and the handling of massive graphics titles will be unharmed with the Galaxy A80 as well as the Snapdragon 730G.

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The RAM memory of the Galaxy A80 is up to 8GB, at the present time the number of 4GB RAM is still considered enough for almost all basic to advanced use of many users. However, with 8GB and operating on Android 9 OneUI interface, the Galaxy A80 will always operate smoothly and stably, there will be no RAM overflow or "splashing" applications like on other devices. Small amount of RAM.

In Galaxy A80, internal memory is something that users will not need to worry, with 128GB ROM capacity of numbers large enough for you to forget about the problem of full memory after a long time of use, comfortable saving store personal photos and documents.

The cluster of 3 cameras rotates and supports the recording of interesting fonts

Speaking of Galaxy A80, it is impossible not to mention the impressive 3 rotating camera system that Samsung has equipped for this product. Detailed camera system is as follows: 48MP + 8MP (wide angle lens) + 3D TOF camera.

Sforum - Latest technology information page 49384630-5b8a-11e9-9d7f-709b9b3165e6 5 reasons why you should order Samsung Galaxy A80 today

In the basic state, 3 cameras will act as a main camera, with a high resolution, capture professionally deleted fonts and specifically support the ability to record video to remove fonts (the first feature available on Galaxy A series).

When switching to selfie mode, the camera system will automatically push up and rotate 3 lenses to the front to turn them into selfie cameras with full "qualities" of a "main" camera system. Still the 48MP sensor, still has wide-angle and 3D TOF cameras. Thereby, Galaxy A80 will bring a sharp selfie, super wide-angle lens as well as the function of recording video to remove fonts that can be used completely normally when selfie.

Sforum - Latest technology information page DSC9620-1 5 reasons why you should order Samsung Galaxy A80 today

Perhaps the Galaxy A80 is the device that owns the most "selfie" camera system at the present time, with the camera system rotating it not only enhances the quality of pre and post photos but also about how to design the camera Moving up and down also makes Galaxy A80 look "cool" in the eyes of those around.

Large capacity battery, fast charging 25W and fingerprint support in the screen

All the above advantages are maintained by the battery capacity up to 3,700 mAh for a good time to use and experience. Samsung also generously equipped the 25W charging technology for its top-of-the-line A product, thereby significantly shortening the charging time, the device will operate almost as seamlessly without users being too concerned about the battery. .

Sforum - Latest technology news page DSC1036 5 reasons why you should order Samsung Galaxy A80 today

And yet, the Galaxy A80 uses the fingerprint system in the screen with an improved ultrasonic sensor, providing the ability to identify fingerprints extremely quickly and accurately, almost instantly.

Sforum - Latest technology information page DSC9653 5 reasons why you should order Samsung Galaxy A80 today


It can be seen, many high-end technology has been equipped on Samsung Galaxy A80 and also for this reason, this is considered the most attractive device of Samsung at the present time.

In the period from now until July 31, when ordering products at CellphoneS, customers will receive extremely valuable gifts, in addition to get the best price in the market, customers are interested in Products can contact the hotline directly for free: 1800.2097 To be consulted directly.


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