5 reasons to choose Google Photos instead of iCloud on iPhone
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 5 reasons to choose Google Photos instead of iCloud on iPhone

5 reasons to choose Google Photos instead of iCloud on iPhone

IPhone and iPad users all choose iCloud as a tool for storing and managing photos, but using Google Photos on iOS devices will bring us more benefits. Here are some reasons to choose Google Photos instead of iCloud, please refer.

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5 reasons to use Google Photos instead of iCloud on iPhone

  • 1. Google Photos is cheaper
  • 2. Google Photos offers more free storage space
  • 3. Google supports cross-platform
  • 4. Better search engine
  • 5. Help share your collection

1. Google Photos is cheaper

One of the top reasons is the cost of services Google Photos A lot cheaper than iCloud.

Those who use the iPhone, iPad will be provided by Apple 5GB for each iCloud account. If you want to sync photos from your phone or computer, it will make you quickly run out of storage.

If you want to add more storage space then you will have to pay some money to buy the storage. We can buy different packages, like:

  • 50GB costs VND 23,000 ($ 0.99) / month.
  • 200GB costs VND 70,000 ($ 2.99) per month.
  • 2TB costs VND 230,000 ($ 9.99) / month.

Attention: Prices for iCloud packages vary from country to country.

Price list when buying additional storage on iCloud
Price list details of each iCloud package of countries

When using Google Photos, we only pay:

  • 100GB at a price of about VND 45,000 ($ 1.9) / month.
  • 200GB for about VND 69,000 ($ 2.8) per month.
  • 2TB for about VND 225,000 (about $ 9.7) / month.

Price list for additional storage on Google Photos

2. Google Photos offers more free storage space

Unlike iCloud, Google will give each user 15GB of storage space. If you accept to synchronize photos with lower quality, you can save more than the capacity that is provided of each account.

If you accept the reduced image resolution (maximum of 16 megapixels), then we will now store images without using the capacity given by the application.

Storage provided by Google Photos

Besides, Google Photos will allow you to resize the image when you upload it, so we don’t need to worry about going over the storage limit.

3. Google supports cross-platform

Very few people currently use a single operating system platform. Even when using an Apple device, we will certainly be exposed to many other platforms at work, school or even at home.

Backup and sync photos across devices

Google Photos Allows users to access images on multiple mobile devices, with many different operating systems, whether of Android or iOS. You can even do this with Android TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, smart TV or backup from Windows or Mac, but if you use iClouds then we can’t do this.

4. Better search engine

Google is the best search engine in the world today so it is not surprising that Google Photos uses AI as its platform.

Image search engine on Google Photos

When we upload the image Google Photos then the app will scan and set who or what will appear in the image. You can enter search terms like: “My Dog”, “Book” … now Google Photos will find all images related to the keyword.

If you’re looking for a photo in iCloud, you’ll have to search and find it, which is time-consuming and annoying.

For those who are using iOS, you can add your own tags Apple Photos to Search for photos on Google Photos easier.

5. Help share your collection

Can say the sharing of each image above icloud There is something more remarkable but when sharing the whole collection then Google will be much more superior thanks to the feature Partner Accounts.

This feature will give us a quick way to share all collections to others. Similarly, you can get the photo gallery that they send to, users can integrate 2 sets of photos in the same view.

Apple also has a feature Family Sharing (Family Sharing) works the same way but you will need to import each photo for others to see.

Share your photo gallery Select all photosSelect friends to send

This article has given people reasons to use Google Photos instead of icloud on iPhone. Hopefully this article will help you choose for yourself which application is best suited.

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