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5 Powerbeats Pro points cannot pass AirPods: big, hard-to-wear charging boxes, without wireless charging …

When it comes to advantages, it is also necessary to discuss the shortcomings. In fact, AirPods still have strengths that, although there are many strengths and similarities, Powerbeats Pro cannot be replaced. Today I will take a look at the shortcomings that you need to consider if you are pondering between AirPods and Powerbeats Pro.

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Top 5 advantages of Powerbeats Pro compared to AirPods

1 / Charger box is too big

This is what I put up first because I think is the biggest minus point. If the charging case of AirPods is so neat, the Powerbeats are big and rough. Besides, the time spent with Powerbeats Pro's charger has not been improved, meaning that a total of 24 hours is still used.

A large charger box makes it impossible for you to comfortably put your pants and bags around like AirPods. You have to find a compartment in your backpack to be able to keep him away. Fortunately, the battery of Powerbeats Pro buffalo, so I usually use it and leave it outside the box until the end of the day, no need to put in the case.

2 / Ability to talk: AirPods still belong to the championship

So far I have not found any true wireless headphones that have better conversational capabilities than AirPods. Although it is also equipped with H1 chips like AirPods, Powerbeats Pro still has a small loss of conversation quality. I think this cause is probably due to the heterosexual design of AirPods that helped the microphone to collect and eliminate noise better than its juniors.

3 / Design: Lean to not yet good

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Although the design has good ear grip, but compared to the comfort that AirPods brings, Powerbeats Pro is still far behind. Not to mention, the in-ear design, despite good sound insulation, in some cases, the design to make sound like AirPods is more helpful. In this regard, I have talked a lot about previous AirPods, so I won't talk here anymore.

4 / Wireless charging feature is missing

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Because I used to use AirPods with wireless charging, I felt this was an extremely convenient feature. Everything from iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods has been equipped with wireless charging. However, with Powerbeats Pro, I have to add a Lightning cord to charge it separately. This is actually quite inconvenient. Right that Apple sells more wireless charging version with more than $ 50, I will bite the teeth to buy this version for more convenience.

5 / chat price

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Powerbeats Pro costs more than $ 50 with almost the same configuration. In fact, with the same configuration, it is a trick for Apple to sell more than $ 50 to buy a product for sports. So depending on the needs of use, you should consider carefully before buying.


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