5 must-know tricks if you're using Android 8 Oreo

5 must-know tricks if you’re using Android 8 Oreo

Up to now, there have been quite a lot of devices updated to Android 8 Oreo, so today the Network Administrator will share with readers a few tips to use Android 8 Oreo so that it can be most effective. be. Believe with the following Android 8 Oreo tips, you will feel excited and extremely helpful.

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Stronger notification control

You can easily customize notifications with some applications, such as Gmail so far, it will notify all of the notifications, but you can completely adjust to only notify some normal mailboxes. used (previously configured from Gmail, which is quite time-consuming).

Or with the YouTube app, you can now turn on / off notifications about downloading videos for offline viewing, the types of notifications when new videos are still the same. This is how Android 8 aggregates all customized notifications for a place for you to control.

Stronger notification control

2 ways to control notifications are as follows:

  • Method 1: On the notification bar of the phone, you flick your finger to the right or left at any one notification. Then, click on the gear icon and select the application you want to adjust, turn off the ones you like.
  • Method 2: From the device’s main screen, you access this link: Settings> Sound & Notifications> Advanced> Notifications> Select the app to adjust> Set notifications as desired.

Postpone notification and repeat later

This procedure is quite useful in cases such as you are busy meeting, giving presentations, talking with partners, … the notification needs to be later, right? However, if you do not watch immediately, you will probably forget because it does not snooze, just lying quietly in the notification bar only. To fix this problem, Android 8 has allowed notifications to be alerted for user convenience.

To postpone the notification and repeat it later, at the notification you want to remind, flick your finger left or right> Press the clock icon> Select when the reminder is finished.

Postpone notification and repeat later

Turn on Notification Dot

Notification Dot, also known as small dots, notifies when an application has a new notification, it usually appears on the home screen like iPhone. Nova Launcher and some third-party apps have long supported this feature, but Android itself is now integrated into the operating system. If you want to see these dots, you’ll need to use Pixel Launcher, then go to the section Settings> Sounds and Notifications> Dot Notification (or Allow Badge)> Activate it.

Note: For those of you who are using HTC, Sony, Samsung or Nova Launcher, the possibility is that you do not need to turn on anything else, it already runs.

Turn on Notification Dot

How to watch videos Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture is considered an attractive new feature of Android 8 that allows you to watch video in the form of a miniature window while using another app. There are not many apps that support this function, only available on Chrome, YouTube, VLC, Google Maps, … You can refer to the Guide to using picture-in-picture mode on Android Oreo to know how Watch video Picture in Picture on Android 8.

How to watch videos Picture in Picture

Don’t forget to use Google Play Protect

Google has integrated a very nice function into the operating system from Android 7.0 and above to help protect users better against the growing malware. Google Play Protect is the name mentioned here, it is responsible for checking applications closely before downloading from Play Store, checking for malware from different sources for comparison. Notify me if you have a suspicious application installed on your phone.

To turn on Google Play Protect, run it Play Store (CH Play)> Click the menu button> Play Protect. If the case does not see the Play Store, go to Settings> Google> Google Play Protect> Turn on the two switches at the bottom of the screen is done. Here, you will also see the status of your device is safe or not, there are issues to handle or not.

With the 5 tips to use Android 8 Oreo we introduced, you will definitely find Android 8 has many attractive and handy features for using your device. Wish you have interesting experiences!

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