5 most common mistakes on car air conditioners

5 most common mistakes on car air conditioners

After a period of use, the following common mistakes are made with the car air conditioning system.

The car air conditioner still works, but the air conditioner is only cool or very weak

It is possible that the air filter of the air conditioning system is blocked causing the air conditioner to be only slightly cool or very weak, unable to cool the entire car space. The air filter system is blocked because dust in the travel journey of the car sticks to the filter. Over time, dust will build up on the inside of the sieve and thicken, causing the air to blow back.

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Dust on the inside can affect the air conditioner

To overcome this situation, users only need to clean the air filter, when the dust is gone, the air conditioning system will work stably again. Note for users of modern passenger cars with the steering wheel on the left side of the vehicle, when cleaning the air-conditioning filter of these models, it is necessary to use an air gun or tire oil then you can blow out all the dirt on the filter. Vehicle owners should carry out cleaning the air-conditioner filter at a density monthly or weekly to avoid filter clogging.

If the car has been in use for a long time, maybe the cause of the air conditioning is just not cool or weak. There may have been a problem with the belt, such as overlapping or skipping. In addition, it is also possible that the air conditioning pipes have leaked or have a gasket leak because they are too old. If these conditions occur, the owner should not repair the vehicle himself, but should bring the vehicle to a service center to find solutions and better fix the problem.

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The air conditioner is continuously switched off when it’s hot

When the gas pressure exceeds the prescribed level, the air conditioning system will automatically switch continuously. To prevent other parts from being affected, resulting in damage, the control sensor unit will quickly disconnect the cold cyclone clutch. Certainly the space in a car will not be cooled if this happens. Vehicle users should bring their car to the repair center as quickly as possible to fix the air conditioning failure.

The gas pressure above the air conditioner will switch off continuously

There is an unpleasant smell, but the car’s air-conditioning system still works normally

Many cars suddenly have an unpleasant odor and its causes can be divided into two main reasons: objective and subjective. The main reason is that the air conditioner is dirty or damaged, making the air not ventilated, and the car smells. Subjective reasons come from car owners. If the owner does not clean the car often, unpleasant odors will stick in the corners of the car compartment. When the air conditioner works, the wind drains into those nooks and crannies and blows out unpleasant odors. Therefore, car owners should clean the car regularly to avoid unpleasant odors and better for health. In addition, the car owner can use more essential oils, car perfumes … If the cause is objective, the owner just needs to bring the car to the repair shop to fix it.

Car smell will make users feel uncomfortable

Turn on the air conditioner at first, then not cool

After many years of use, cars often have problems when they turn on the air conditioner, it is very cool at first, the later, the cooler will automatically decrease, no longer cool. This is an easy-to-resolve air conditioner error, the owner just needs to bring it to a maintenance place to clean the air conditioner system to fix it.

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Gas added, but the car’s air-conditioning system barely worked

Lack of gas will make the car air-conditioning system unable to operate, but overcharge also makes the air-conditioning system almost inoperable. The reason is that the safety valve of the air-conditioning system will exhaust all the gas, if it detects an excessive amount of charged gas to protect the whole system. The gas pressure has been lost so the air conditioner cannot continue to operate. Therefore, when charging the gas, owners should pay attention to avoid overcharging and excess gas.

Excess gas can prevent the air conditioner from working

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* Some other note

Drivers should turn on the air conditioner to dry the air in the cabin when it rains. Absolutely do not let the fan blow towards the window because it may obscure the glass. If steam is visible on the windows, the driver should lower the windows slightly and continue turning on the air-conditioning. Don’t be alarmed if you see water coming out of the air conditioner drain hose because that’s okay. In addition, do not forget to clean the air conditioner regularly, the air conditioner system is clean and ventilated will work better and ensure the health of the vehicle user.

Air conditioning system maintenance is very important


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