5 most common damage to car engines

5 most common damage to car engines

After a long time of operation, like many other parts, the car engine will also have errors that need to be detected quickly to fix it promptly.

A car engine is hotter than usual

This is a common mistake when driving a car, due to improper use of lubricating oil, lack of oil or expired oil. In addition, the vehicle overloaded will also have this phenomenon and can damage the cooling system. Worse, if you don’t fix the problem quickly, your car will potentially damage even more important engine parts.

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A car engine is hotter than usual

In addition to this error due to oil or overloading, it is also caused by a failure of the seal that causes water in the engine cooling system to boil over, or the oil entering the system causes oil in the water and causes malfunction. Also, the best way to fix this error is to turn off the engine and take the car to the nearest maintenance center.

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Car engines are easy to stall

One morning, when you’re going to have an important meeting and you need your car to get around. But when it comes to it, it is very difficult and continuous shutdowns make you late. So why are you in this situation?

There are many reasons for the car to easily stall

The main reason is that your gas pump system has malfunctioned that not enough fuel for the carburetor, leading to easy engine stalling. When you encounter errors like these, you should bring them to reputable car maintenance centers so that you can have the most comprehensive inspection possible. Because a car engine easily dies can also be caused by the air filter after a period of operation is turned off.

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The car engine is not working optimally

You are quite annoyed when your car is no longer as powerful as when you first bought it. You have stepped on the accelerator but the car still lags and does not go much faster. The car not running at full capacity is often caused by reasons such as damaged carburetor upper and middle gaskets, the gas butterfly can not be fully opened or the opening of the valve is not the original standard….

The fuel injector is blocked

In fact, the fact that your engine is not working at full capacity can be caused by many different reasons, so you need to take your car to the nearest garage to be able to take corrective measures. . If you ignore these small signs, it is possible that your vehicle will suffer more major errors such as a car having difficulty changing gears, making it difficult for you to travel on the road.

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The vehicle engine does not work at high revs, lacks stability

The carburetor loading system is not working properly, resulting in damage to the gasket on the carburetor flange and intake manifold. However, it is also possible that your technicians accidentally placed high-voltage wires in the wrong order during previous maintenance, resulting in low rpm power as usual. It is very important that you find an auto service place with highly skilled technicians to help you fix the problems that happened.

The car engine does not explode

When you encounter this phenomenon, your car has had some problems before, but due to both subjective and objective reasons, you forgot to take the car for repair, and lead to a passive situation. . The engine does not start due to many different reasons such as the battery no longer power, the engine spark plugs a lot of coal dust and cannot trigger the spark, the engine is damaged …

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Changing spark plugs is something you can do quickly

From such reasons, you can take steps to help you restart your engine, such as quickly replacing spare spark plugs or scooping up the fuel tank. But to be able to completely fix the problem, you need to go to a car service center to be examined more carefully.

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