5 interesting facts about the movie “The Princess Diary” that you may not have known!

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It has been nearly 20 years since the “Princess Diary” was released and until now, this is still one of the most popular films worldwide.

Anyone who once fell in love with classic teenage romance movies is certainly too familiar with “Princess Diary.” However, not everyone knows all of the exciting facts about this movie. Together with Cuong Phim – Review discover what the behind-the-scenes stories are all about!

1. Whitney Houston is in charge of the production of the film

Whitney Houston ended the movie
Maybe many people do not know, but Whitney Houston and two other producers are responsible for the production of the hit movie “The Princess Diary.”

2. The actor playing Mia’s father is also the biological father of Anne Hathaway in real life

Anne Hathway ended the movie
Few people know, who briefly appears in the film as the father of Princess Mia is the biological father of actress Anne Hathaway. Being in this movie together really means a lot to both of you.

3. Anne Hathaway had to wear a wig, put on fake eyebrows to look like “Princess Mia”

Anne Hathaway 2 movies
Contrary to the movie, Princess Mia is refurbished, in real life, Anne has had to struggle with makeup and wigs, even wearing fake eyebrows. Only when Mia “overhauled” her beauty did Anne “breathe” and remove her makeup.

4. Four cats have participated in the role of cat Louie

Louie cuong movie
A total of 4 different cats have played the role of “fat Louie cat” by Princess Mia. One of the four cats is Anne Hathaway’s real pet.

5. The scene of Princess Mia falling on the stairs

Mia Gif ends the movie
This is a shot that was completely absent from the script. Anne Hathaway actually slipped and fell very painfully. Because the director and the crew felt this was a very humorous moment, decided to keep it and include it in the movie.

Which truth are you most impressed with? Leave a comment for Cuong Phim – Review know your thoughts!

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