5 health problems may be encountered when using air conditioning

Air-conditioner (Air-conditioner) is used a lot in hot weather, especially in places like Saigon with up to 35 degrees Celsius. However, air-conditioners are not a good option for the health. prolonged hot sunny days, here are the problems that air conditioners can affect your health.

1. Long-term illness and fatigue

Research shows that people working in air-conditioned environments may have headaches and prolonged fatigue. For people with respiratory problems affected by cold air blowing from the air conditioner, their nose and throat can produce mucus (sputum) that makes it difficult to breathe. This makes you more susceptible to colds, fever and other respiratory-related illnesses.

2. Dry skin

Regular exposure to cold air causes your skin to lose the necessary moisture and if you do not moisturize, it is inevitable that you will begin to develop dry skin.

3. Increasing symptoms of chronic diseases

Chronic illness is a disease that progresses gradually, lasts over time and is not contagious – The use of a lot of air conditioners will increase symptoms of low blood pressure, arthritis, neuritis, making the control and recovery of pain more difficult.

4. Reducing resistance, heat resistance

People who spend a lot of time in the air-conditioned environment make them become less heat-resistant when they come out of the environment, especially when the summer is hot, it's because the body can't adapt quickly when you suddenly fall. switching from cold environment to stuffy hot environment. This is called thermal shock, which can be life-threatening.

5. Place to nourish bacteria causing respiratory diseases

Researchers at Louisiana State Medical Center have found eight types of mold live inside 22 of the 25 tested cars. Most frightening is the discovery of Legionairre air conditioner causing Le Duong disease causing cough, shortness of breath, high fever, muscle aches, potential death.


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