5 games with a great concept but very disappointing controller in hand

Today, the Editorial team focuses on the Robinho of video games, which on the basis of beautiful promises have strongly succeeded in disappointing us. A selection of five games as always subjective, which leaves you free to tell us yours in the comments of this article.

We attack with a rather atypical title. Incorporate a serial killer psychopath on Care Bears Island, and you have Naughty Bear, a completely crazy game developed by Behavior Interactive (Dead by Daylight). An interactive frenzy in which you control a teddy bear hated by all, and which, damn goodnight, will apply a homemade revenge to all its fellows. From busting your head with a car door to the total skinning of a pink bear cub, Naughty Bear offers you a slew of moves to perform your peers.

Unfortunately, in fact, we quickly go around all the possible murder situations, and then, black humor gives way to boredom. Shame.

  • Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts ‘n’ Bolts

We attack here the only subjective part of this article, as the third part of teddy bear and red pigeon will have divided. Indeed, platform game of the great era Rare on N64, Banjo Kazooie reappeared under an innovative concept for its arrival at Microsoft. A risky bet for the British studio, which will turn its house mascot into a vehicle construction game. So, we always keep the idea of ​​themed levels, but each “mission” will involve creating a mechanical device (land, flying, or marine) from scratch.

A great disappointment for some, who will not have understood the turn made by the license, a daring poker move for others, opinions differ on the subject of Nuts ‘n’ Bolts. However, the complexity of the construction system (despite the almost endless possibilities) will overwhelm the patience of many, going so far as to ruin the gaming experience of hordes of disappointed fans, justifying the title’s place in this article.

  • Evolve/ Predator: Hunting Grounds

Two for the price of one, because we love to treat you! What do you want, we’re like that. And above all, despite the few years of difference between these two wonders, the problem raised is the same: an asymmetric multiplayer game, it is reflected. Yet the upstream concept is worthy of attention, a sort of “policeman and thieves” in 4 against 1, with different equipment and gameplay elements for the two parties. Crazy clashes in perspective … At least in the idea.

With balancing as an Achilles heel, the very concept of asymmetrical confrontation started limping. Proof that a good idea on paper can turn out to be an ordeal on screens.

As a kid, we all had drooling over the Superman 64 ad. Indeed, the ad promised a game where we can finally fly in Metropolis, use X-ray vision, and put Kryptonian tatanas on all the bad guys. that will cross our path. A dream that came true, before quickly turning to frank disappointment.

Superman 64 is still considered one of the biggest failures in video games of all time today. Absolutely anything that could not work did not work. From slow-motion flight sessions where you had to go through rings, to the hard and boring combat system as possible, everything was done to make you regret the 350 francs investment of the time. However, even today, it would be complicated (in our opinion) to make a game about the man of steel, as the character is so close to omnipotence.

Long after the excellent Conker’s Bad Fur Day, other games have tried their hand at humor and genre parody… With much less success, like the famous Eat Lead.

Yet on paper, it looked like genius! We played a video game hero, who, aware of his condition, breaks the 4th wall, and does not hesitate to offer game ideas to producers. The latter having shaved the cap of this character ask the developers to put him in a game to kill him there, no matter the way. A hell of a parody of the JV media in the state, which despite a memorable intro scene will not manage to take off, and not simply because of a worthy humor.Anne Roumanoff. Indeed, the game is also a real purge in its gameplay, with a heavy hero as possible, and a repetitiveness to remind us of Un Jour sans End.

5 sets

And there you go, that’s the end of this 5 sets, which we hope will have shown you that a good idea is not always synonymous with a good game. Do not hesitate to share your nuggets of the genre in the comments!

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