Now many people like to watch livestream games more than play games

What will the trend of video games 2021 and in the near future in general be? Here are some industry expert predictions:

1. Livestream video games will continue to thrive

In recent years, live streaming (livestream) has become an internet craze. In the gaming field, livestreams are becoming an increasingly important and familiar part. Now the industry not only collects money on selling games and selling things, but livestream has also become a channel for gamers to make money. Youtube and Twitch are still the two platforms with the highest market share in this segment.

Esports viewers are forecast to continue to increase in the near future, simply because more people prefer to watch other people play than play by themselves and the content of the streamers is getting richer and more interesting.

Now many people like to watch livestream games more than play games

2. Mobile games will speed up

The world mobile game market in 2019 is worth $ 151.9 billion, in 2020 there are no official statistics but is forecast to be $ 165.9 billion. Only in March 2020 – during the Covid-19 outbreak, the mobile gaming industry grew by 15% over the same period last year. In the past 4 years, the market share of this segment’s revenue has increased but not decreased.

Nowadays, almost everyone must have a smartphone. The more familiar the smartphone, the more mobile game development is an inevitable rule.

5 Trends of video games 2021 are forecast, how will the gaming world change?
With the coverage of smartphones, people play mobile games more and more

3. XR Technology (Augmented Reality) coverage

Now many people are familiar with VR technology in virtual reality in games. So what is XR? It is considered a combination of VR and AR (which is also a virtual reality technology but does not create a completely simulated environment, only adds a virtual element to the reality scene). The XR is of course more premium. VR is doing really well right now and XR is the next future of VR.

5 Trends of video games 2021 are forecast, how will the gaming world change?
Virtual world game technology will be further upgraded

4. Game re-make trend (remake)

The classic and legendary games have always been loved because they are associated with gamers’ memories. But they have a clear minus point that images, technology, … are too out of date. The most sensible solution is for the publisher to remake a new version. Recently remake is the trend of the game industry, with hit titles like Final Fantasy VII Remake, XIII Remake, Resident Evil 3 and Warcraft 3 Reforged, …

Not only the images have been reworked, but the content has also been improved so that it is trendy to appeal to players, including new players, not just hitting nostalgic target groups.

Final Fantasy has been remade quite successfully
Final Fantasy has been remade quite successfully

5. Increase the social aspect of the game

The game is not only for entertainment but also now has the task of connecting people together. During the Covid-19 pandemic, when people were advised to avoid social contact, this was even more a channel for communication and connection.

Most gamers will also enjoy and excited, more loyal when plowing games with friends, having a connection with real people. An active, vibrant user community is also good for game promotion, so there’s no reason for the publisher not to invest in it.

Play that game "accomplices" always more fun
Playing games with “friends” is always more fun

Do you agree with the aforementioned 2021 video game trend predictions?

Chi Phạm

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