5 Frames With Far Too Much Alcohol (and a Lomo LC-A) - by Ken Hindle-May

5 Frames With Far Too Much Alcohol (and a Lomo LC-A) – by Ken Hindle-May

I only started shooting film seriously in 2015, with my film-only Project 365, so rewind five years and what we find is a fairly naïve DSLR shooter who had two automatic film cameras for posing on Instagram with creative experimentation.  So it was that in February of 2014 I embarked on my stag weekend (bachelor party, for those of an American disposition), thinking a Lomo LC-A and 200 speed film would be just perfect for a spot of low light, gonzo-style documentary shooting.

Predictably, my friends and I all got completely wankered on the first night and fired the entire roll into the ensuing chaos.  On my terribly, terribly hungover return home I dropped the film at my local supermarket for development and half a dozen catastrophically underexposed prints were all they could recover from it.  I binned the useless prints, shoved the negatives in a drawer and forgot all about them…until I cleared out said drawer last week.  Having acquired a fair bit of film scanning experience over the intervening years, I decided I’d see what I could pull off them with my trusty Epson V500.  The results, unsurprisingly, are dreadful but oh-so Lomographic.

The following events occur in Newcastle upon Tyne

Drink was had. A lot of it.

Some red men.

Han’s father-in-law encased him in carbonite, but that didn’t keep him off the sesh. LAD!

I have no idea who or what this depicts.

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Ken Hindle-May

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