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5 effective skills to help you stand in front of a more confident crowd

These skills are not mine, but a drawing from the book Steal These Ideas! Authors Steve Cone, hope to help you confidently present in public.

1. Have to master what you say
Mastering the content you will present, read and practice presenting many times, very rare people have the ability to present congeniality. So watch the presentation as a sport that you have to work hard to master. Many people are often worried about not practicing enough but always resigning whenever there is a chance, try to make it become a natural instinct.

At the professional level, you have to control the presentation time, the same topic but give you 5 minutes, 30 minutes or 2 hours you can talk without losing your mind. main.

2. Outline the outline
Presenting without a speech, listeners will sleep if you read all the bullet points in the slide. If you do not have the knowledge, you will not hesitate to write on a piece of paper and then hold it and go back and forth when presenting. Like the way David Letterman threw each card after the contents were in the Top Ten every night (he was a comedian and MC of CBS).

A good habit of giving presentations is group discussion will also help you be more brave, when you are stronger then stand up and start talking.

3. Movement
On stage, should we walk or stand at the podium? Depending on the stage, sound and lighting conditions, it is better to limit sleepiness to listeners by moving.

Steve Jobs: Master of presentation. Photo source: Apple

You should also survey the place, stage, sound, light at the place where the presentation will take place first, do not subjectively think that everything is always according to the plan, but until then manage to keep up.

4. Prepare the lesson that will be used for the presentation
Prepare a copy for the presentation to bring with you without redundancy.

PowerPoint is a very good presentation support tool, but the chiseled graphs, letters and bullets are disastrous.

Additional illustrations for the presentation by clip are good, but after the clip is finished, it should stop 5-7 seconds for the audience to "digest" it before going on.

5. Interact with listeners
Speakers or singers are the same in that, there will always be inspiration to show more if the audience is also enthusiastically supported above. On the contrary, inspire them to support you, first try to be as enthusiastic as possible for the presentation.

When you want to emphasize what you mean, speak slowly, each sentence, word by word, and repeat, but don't abuse it.

"I will present the following 10 issues within 1 hour" is a way for you to get the word out: "DOWN!"

President Franklin Roosevelt, when asked to give advice when speaking, said: There are three basic steps that are to step on the stage and smile, go straight to the point, and sit down.

Every presentation, consider the reporter interviewing and you are being "recorded", refining the essence.

Body language, walking, swinging legs and feet … is also very important, please create a peak when speaking.

Good luck, brother!


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