'5-day war' 2008: 2 new missiles launched Su-25
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‘5-day war’ 2008: 2 new missiles launched Su-25

(News 24h) – Russian pilot hero Sergei Kobylash recounted the case of his Su-25 plane only crashed when hit by two missiles.

Lt. Gen. Sergei Kobylash, Hero of the Russian Federation, commander of long-range fighter aircraft, in an interview with the Zvezda television channel, recounted the case of Su-25 Grach aircraft (NATO’s designation called How hard his Frogfoot) was under fire attack while on duty in August 2008.

“The dispatcher informed me over the radio:” Comrade Commander, there is a rocket launching at you, “- Mr. Kobylash recounted the event that day.

After that, Mr. Kobylash felt that the aircraft was hit hard by the rocket, causing the aircraft to fall into a dive. He tried to pull the steering wheel toward him, but it was no use to the plane.

“Perhaps, due to my survival instincts at that time, I pressed both feet on the pedal and used both hands to pull the control lever. Obviously the plane was hit by shrapnel somewhere, maybe in the engine, so the plane suddenly felt weak, ”Mr. Kobylash said.

After being hit by a rocket, the expert Russian pilot kept the plane on balance and kept his balance with a single engine remaining, after which he regained his height. However, another rocket hit and damaged the engine.

At that point, Mr. Kobylash decided to let the plane crash, because he could not fly without an engine, and he had to parachute out. But he still tried to fly the plane through the city, having to fly the plane away from residential areas as far as possible to minimize casualties for civilians.

Reportedly, Sergei Kobylash participated in the Chechen campaign both for the first time and the second time, as well as participating in the war in South Ossetia. [còn được gọi là “Cuộc chiến tranh 5 ngày” giữa Nga với Gruzia, để bảo vệ công dân Nga ở Nam Ossetia và Abkhazia].

'War of 5 days' 2008: Two new names say Su-25
The Russian Su-25 Grach aircraft has a very good body and protection system

In 2008, Mr. Kobylash was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Federation, in 2017 was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant General, in 2018 became the Honorary Military Pilot of Russia.

As for the damage to the air force, after five days of war, the Russian side acknowledged that four aircraft were shot down, but according to the Russian military magazine Moscow Defense Brief, during the conflict with Georgia in 2008, at least 6 Russian planes were shot down, both by Georgia and mistakenly shot by our troops.

Deputy Chief of the General Staff Anatoly Nogovitsyn denied the information, and the Russian Chief of Staff announced that Russia had lost four aircraft, but the Moscow Defense Brief also provided details of when and where each plane was dropped. and the pilots on the plane.

Russian military expert Said Aminov quoted an unofficial source as saying that Russia lost another three aircraft in the battle in South Ossetia – one Su-24MR on August 8, one Su-24M. August 10 or 11 and a Su-25 on August 9, and another Mi-24 helicopter.

The Su-25, according to several sources, was a “victim” shot by the Russian military rather than shot down by Georgian air defense.

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