5 David TV party awards: Zhejiang Taiwan, East Taiwan has a lot of traffic, Jiangsu Taiwan has a higher style, and Hunan Taiwan wins with two trump cards
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5 David TV party awards: Zhejiang Taiwan, East Taiwan has a lot of traffic, Jiangsu Taiwan has a higher style, and Hunan Taiwan wins with two trump cards

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The annual Double Eleven shopping spree is not only a battlefield for e-commerce platforms to compete with each other, but has now become a strong PK stage between first-line satellite TVs. On the evening of November 10th, the five major first-line guards regarded the audience as collectively contributing four high-level double eleven evening parties, including Jiangsu Satellite TV Super Night Party, Beijing Satellite TV 1111 Super Show Party, Hunan Satellite TV 1111 Super Night Party and Zhejiang Double 11 Carnival Night Party jointly created by Satellite TV and Dragon TV.

Such a wonderful evening show made people seem to see the famous scenes of the David TV New Year’s Eve concert and the TV Spring Festival Gala. Almost the entire night in the entertainment industry was dominated by the content of the 4 gala parties. “Unpleasant”, “Forgetful Words”, “Typhoon”, and “Treble” became keywords. If it weren’t for Lin Zhixuan’s “Single Love Song”, it is estimated that many people would have already Forget that Double Eleven is “Singles Day”.

For the audience, the competition scenes of robbing guests, arranging and creating high creativity, on the one hand, can watch a wonderful stage performance, on the other hand, they also have to face difficult choices. Which station should the remote control in their hand be biased?

From the final result, Hunan Satellite TV, the leader of satellite TV, had the last laugh in this battle. The real-time ratings of Kuyun show that Hunan Satellite TV’s 1111 Super Fight Night Conference has seen a significant increase in ratings. It was the first to break through 1 in Kida TV. Most of the party’s ratings were maintained at about 1%, far away from Zhejiang. , Dongfang, Beijing, Jiangsu 4 David TV.

If you do a horizontal comparison of the 4 evening parties, you will find that there is such a trend:

The double 11 carnival night party jointly created by Zhejiang Satellite TV and Dragon TV has a more luxurious lineup and higher traffic. Artists from all circles such as idols, actors, singers, comedy stars, etc. are collected in one go. The entire party has rich performances, including dance, magic, and cross talk. , Situational shows, etc., but they also have the most situations.

Jiangsu Satellite TV still maintained the style and aesthetic pursuit of its evening party, and offered a high-level evening party. Unfortunately, the audience ratings of the entire evening party were sluggish, ranking the bottom in 5 David TV.

Beijing Satellite TV took the lead, and the e-commerce gala had a taste of the Spring Festival Gala. The lack of new ideas in the programming of the program exposed the lack of experience in entering the e-commerce gala for the first time.

As a leader in satellite TV innovation, Hunan Satellite TV’s stage art, creativity, and choreography are all at the textbook level. Although they did not go shopping for flow artists this time, they still dominate the group with the two trump cards of “Singer” and host group.

Zhejiang Satellite TV Orient Satellite TV: The luxury lineup has large traffic, and all circles are caught in one go

The Double 11 Carnival Night Party jointly created by Zhejiang Satellite TV and Dragon TV. Due to the strength of the cooperative e-commerce platform and the high-quality power of the two satellite TVs, it is very generous in the guest lineup and absolutely overwhelms the other 3 evening parties. .

The party invited top traffic artists such as Yi Yang Qianxi, Zhang Yixing, Meng Meiqi, Yang Chaoyue, Wu Xuanyi, Fan Chengcheng, etc., and also invited powerful singers such as Eason Chen, Hua Chenyu, Mao Buyi, Deng Ziqi, Zhang Jie, Zhou Shen, New Northeast F4 (Song Xiaobao, Yang Shulin, Wen Song, Song Xiaofeng) also joined in.

Throughout the party, Deng Ziqi once again steadily output. Both the high pitch and RAP were pleasantly surprised. He sang the feeling of a concert. The Queen of Live has never disappointed. This song “New Heartbeat” has another opening. the way. Zhou Shen brought a treasure stage, singing and jumping version of “The Pure Land of Bliss” is full of charm, and the signature high pitch is as high as ever.

Mao Buyi still sang affectionately on the stage, his voice was warm and healed, and Mao Buyi who sang too devotedly seemed to be kidnapped by his partner. The picture was cute and cute. How many people’s voices sang “If One Day I Become Rich” .

Zhang Jie’s “I’m Here to Beat You” blows up the stage. Yang Chaoyue, who is wearing a pink cake tutu and a double-ball head, suddenly appears as a ghost girl and “acts a lonely” on the stage. The finale guest Eason Chan brought a number of golden tunes, and the gentle voice is still so healing, like a large-scale memory killing the scene. Unfortunately, both Zhang Jie and Eason Chan have forgotten the words. There are so many singers who forgot the words in the 4 stations. It seems that forgetting words will also spread the word.

As the spokesperson of the e-commerce platform, Yi Yang Qianxi was entrusted with the important task, and the opening and closing work of the party was given to him. The ponytail style is not very suitable for Yiyang Qianxi, it looks a little greasy. Yi Yang Qianxi’s stage and typhoon are very stable, and the street dance show is also very cool, but the singing has been questioned and unpleasant. The previous CCTV show was also criticized as unpleasant. It seems that singing skills need to be improved.

Jiangsu Satellite TV: In pursuit of aesthetic style, Cai Xukun opens the finale with Li Yuchun

Jiangsu Satellite TV’s major evening shows have always been well-produced and have their own style. Jiangsu Satellite TV’s 2019-2020 New Year’s Eve concert is also a textbook-level production in the concert and won the Golden Eagle Award for Best TV Variety Show. This time the party still maintained its own artistic aesthetic requirements, and maintained a high level of stage, arrangement, and visual presentation.

Cai Xukun became the opening guest of the whole party, and a song “young” ignited the stage. During the performance, Cai Xukun completed the replacement of costumes from black leather jackets to furs. The stage was spread out like a movie plot, and the cool, dynamic and full of personality performance gave the party a good start. Every stage performance of Cai Xukun can bring people a different shocking effect, and his business ability is worthy of praise.

Li Yuchun, a regular guest at the finale of each David TV party, will continue to serve as the finale guest for Jiangsu Satellite TV’s Super Night after Jiangsu Satellite TV’s New Year’s Eve concert and Jiangsu Satellite TV’s 1030 party. Li Yuchun brought two songs, “See you at the next intersection” and the new song “Read my favorite text to you”. She playfully changed the lyrics of “7·11, Warm Cup of Chocolate” in “See you at the next intersection” to After the “Double Eleven, Warm Cup of Chocolate”, and the new song is also pleasing to the eye, the performance of the stage queen is still steady, and Li Yuchun, who has repeatedly finalized it, relies on hard power.

Wang Yuan brought two songs, “Waltz” and “Here”. When he sang “Waltz”, he had trouble with the accompaniment. However, Wang Yuan’s reaction on the spot was still very alert. After realizing that there was no accompaniment, he didn’t panic, so he quickly recovered his state and continued singing. Unexpectedly, Wang Yuan could sing well and handled the stage accident well.

The Qiyun League is not so lucky. The “A Group of Partners Are More Romantic than Everything” brought this time has been sung badly. This is not the first time they have been sung badly. They have been questioned all the way in “Tomorrow’s Sons Orchestra Season”, especially the various singers’ strengths. The finals were criticized as unpleasant, and the following evening concerts were unpleasant and were on the hot search. This time it is still steady. Next hot search. If this continues, who would dare to invite such singing skills?

Beijing Satellite TV: Swordsmanship is like a Spring Festival Gala, Tu-Hi songs are stewed in a pot

It is the first time Beijing Satellite TV has entered the e-commerce party, and it is also the first time that Northern TV has joined the melee. This step is worthy of recognition.

Beijing Satellite TV does not lose to other TVs in the lineup, and has its own positioning characteristics. Popular artists such as Coco Li, Ayunga, Huang Zitao, Yang Kun, Xu Yiyang, Wang Ziyi have been invited.

But Beijing Satellite TV’s e-commerce party obviously lacks the atmosphere of buying, buying, buying, and it’s more like a New Year’s Eve or Spring Festival Gala. Look at Huang Shengyi and Yangzi’s “This Year I’m Hottest” and “Why don’t you go to heaven” What?, Yi Nengjing and Qin Hao’s “Love Sale”, Zheng Kai’s “A Plum under the Street Lamp”, and Cai Guoqing’s “Who is My Bride”, the overall feeling is that Internet celebrity songs are stewed in a pot and it is easy to get started after listening.

Beijing Satellite TV still lacked experience for the first time to hold such a party. After the party opened, the camera problem of the Times Youth League was on hot search. Netizens pointed out that there is a big problem with mirrors in the party, the pictures are sometimes good and sometimes bad, and many shots are blurred. Some netizens complained that the sound effect of Beijing Satellite TV’s live broadcast was poor, even worse than the scene of a small broken tavern.

However, the stage shows of talented singers Huang Zitao, Ayunga, Coco Li and others added a lot to the party. The gala that lacks talented singers and traffic artists to hold the scene naturally cannot stand out in terms of topic attention and ratings. Beijing Satellite TV still needs to work hard.

Hunan Satellite TV: 2 trump cards are guaranteed for ratings, other TVs are hard to shake

As the master of the party, Hunan Satellite TV’s host lineup, live stage art and live broadcast skills are unmatched by ordinary TV stations. What’s more, the guest lineup this time is not lost at all, so the unique situation is expected.

The two trump cards played a key role in Hunan Satellite TV’s ability to overpower other TVs. First, Hunan Satellite TV’s host talents have emerged in large numbers, and the powerful online host group has achieved high-quality evening parties; second, the past “Singer” guests “returned to their parents” to improve the performance of the evening party.

On the host team, Hunan Satellite TV sent a powerful host team of 11 people. He Jiong and Wang Han led the team. The other 9 people included the “Four Little Girls” composed of Liang Tian, ​​Shen Mengchen, Jin Mengjia and Liu Ye, and the “Tian Tian Brothers” Qian Feng and Da Zhang Wei, “Happy Family” Wu Xin, Du Haitao and Li Weijia.

The two pillars, He Jiong and Wang Han, control the rhythm of the entire party well. The “Four Little Huadans” can each play. They not only complete the field missions well, but also bring together the amazing song and dance show “Special Agent J”. Contribute your own waste heat to the party.

In addition to the “Four Little Flowers”, Du Haitao, Da Zhangwei and others also brought songs to sing, and Wu Xin partnered with Jin Sha to perform. In short, everyone is an all-round talent and can be both a host and a guest performer.

In terms of the guest lineup, the singers played the lead role in this evening. The guest group who had appeared on Hunan Satellite TV’s ace variety show “Singer” “Back to Mother”, including Joey Yung, Zhang Xinzhe, Huang Qishan, Liu Yuning, Zhang Liangying, Zhou Bichang, Shang Wenjie, Zhang Bichen, etc. Many singers performed many songs on stage, so that the whole party has a high singing standard.

Joey Yung’s lively singing and dancing gave a good start to the party, and Zhang Xinzhe’s golden song sang a perfect end to the party. The most touching thing is that the party specially prepared a tribute to the “Singer” section. Angela Chang, Lin Zhixuan, Shang Wenjie, Huang Qishan and other singers sang the classic songs in the show, such as “I Haven’t Left” and “Moon Serenade” When songs such as “A Diao,” “Waiting,” and “Final Faith” sounded, they suddenly pulled the audience back to the days of chasing the “Singer” program. This program has accompanied the audience for 8 years. Although it has been discontinued this year, the good voice and the good singers will not be forgotten.

Many variety shows of Hunan Satellite TV have made artists, and these artists eventually become the platform’s backfeeders. These “in-house artists” of Hunan Satellite TV gather in a group of fire scattered and filled with gypsophila. They use their hard power to prop up a high-quality evening party, which makes people feel like they are on the scene of a New Year’s Eve concert. Unlike flow artists, these artists have a better nationality, and their appearance makes people feel more “family” and feel more festive.

5 David regards the party as PK, which one do you prefer?


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