5 dangerous car warning lights and how to handle them when the lights are on

5 dangerous car warning lights and how to handle them when the lights are on

When one of the hazard lights in the car, also known as an error light on the car, means that the car is having a problem that needs immediate inspection.

Many drivers often ignore the error symbols on cars, do not check, handle in time or do not handle properly, resulting in vehicle malfunctions, worse damage, costly repair. than. Most cars from trucks to cars have an error warning system arranged on the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. Each fault indicator will serve as a notification for the operating status of one or more parts of the vehicle, mainly the parts in the vehicle engine system, which are mainly responsible for the operation of the vehicle.

Warning lights may be on the control panelWarning lights may be on the control panel

The following are important warning lights on cars:

1. Lubricating oil pressure light

When the oil pressure light flashes continuously, it means that your vehicle is operating in a shortage of oil or worse, it is already dry. The cause of this problem may be because the car is leaking oil, leaking oil, the oil pump is not working or it has not been changed for a long time.

This is one of the emergency incidents that need to be fixed as soon as possible. In fact, if you ignore this sign, the engine will not have enough lubricant pressure. From there, the vehicle parts will wear out quickly. In some cases, if there is a problem with the engine in advance and this error is added, it could put you at risk of driving.

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Lubricating oil pressure indicator

Lubricating oil pressure indicator

Therefore, you need to treat this sign as quickly as possible. You can add engine lubrication and continue the journey. If the lube oil pressure light is still flashing, you should take the car to the garage to check. Also, be sure to read the manual to grasp the most accurate oil filling steps if you are not experienced.

2. Coolant temperature warning light

The car coolant temperature warning light is on, which means that your vehicle’s cooling solution is not enough, the engine is in danger of overheating. The cause of insufficient cooling water may be because you forgot to add cooling water periodically. In addition, the loss of coolant can be caused by leaking cooling water, inoperable water pump, etc.

Warning light for cooling water temperature

The lack of coolant is one of the reasons cars get hot. To handle, you need to first stop the car and turn off the engine immediately. Wait until the engine has completely cooled, add more water to cool the engine.

If you are in a remote area, no cooling water is available, you can use filtered water, plain water … However, this method should only be used in emergencies to help the car keep moving safely. than. Because in filtered water, plain water … often contains many compounds such as minerals, metals, limestone … These compounds will easily deposit in tanks. In the long run, it affects cooling, cooling.

Therefore, if in an emergency, you use filtered water instead of cooling water, then immediately take the car to the garage to clean, wash the car cooler, replace the standard coolant.

3. Car battery indicator light

When a car lights the battery, it means that the car battery is in trouble. Common causes can be due to damage to the drive belt, out of the battery or broken car battery. If you ignore this sign, the car may not start because there is no backup power. The best solution is to have a technician inspect it. In case the battery has not been replaced for many years, you should replace the battery.

Car battery indicator light

Battery warning light

4. Brake system warning light

The cause of the warning light on the brake system may be because the brake pads are worn down, the oil line is leaking … One sign you can feel most is that the brakes are lighter than normal or may not be brake. Brakes are very important parts. Therefore, it is best to take the car to the garage to check as soon as the car brake warning light has just turned on.

Brake warning lights

Brake warning lights

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5. Engine error light (Check engine light)

Engine error warning light (check engine light) is a warning light that important car errors cannot be ignored. Lights are responsible for error occurs on one or some parts of the engine. Error function customized for each type of vehicle, vehicle manufacturer.

When the check engine light is on, the motor has failed something inside. However, the severity may also depend on the situation. It is best to take the car to the garage thanks to a technician using a professional error-scanning tool to check.

Engine error light (Check engine light)

Engine error light (Check engine light)

In some cases, the engine has a check engine error, which means the check engine light is on even though you’ve just bought a car. This error is often called the “goldfish error”, for example the goldfish error Mazda 3, the goldfish error Mazda 2 …

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