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49 billion won transfer lawsuit

Private education company Mega Study and ST Unitas started a legal battle of several tens of billion won (billion yen) over the transfer of a so-called “one-stroke instructor” (star teacher of a cram school). The mega-study applied to the Seoul Central District Court for the provisional foreclosure of 11.5 billion won (about 1 billion yen) of bank deposits of ST Unitas and its subsidiary Sky Edu (Hyun Hyung Education) on the 18th, and it was approved on 1st of this month did. ST Unitas is known for the English education brand “Yondanki”.

The dispute between the two companies began in November last year when the national language instructor of the mega study, Yoo De Jung (34), moved to Skyedu. Yu, who has been a member of the mega study since 2016, was known as a “one-stroke instructor” who gathered many students. The mega-study says he paid the “transfer fee” when he welcomed Yu.

The mega-study said in the application for provisional seizure: “ While Mr. Yu’s exclusive term is 3 years online and 5 years offline, he violated the contract by telling him the intention to cancel the contract at the end of last year, I transferred illegally. ” In addition, “ST Unitas and Hyun Hyun Education actively instructed Mr. Yu to violate the exclusive contract and” will bear the responsibility for damages due to breach of the exclusive contract “. That’s a lot of damage. “

Prior to this, Mega Study has claimed damages of 49 billion won (about 4.3 billion yen) as a “damage against the lecture contract” against Yu Dae Jung personally. This temporary seizure was done in advance before appealing to ST Unitas. Regardless of the outcome of the trial, the court will approve the provisional seizure if it finds it necessary to secure the debtor’s property for the time being. If this happens, the financial institution will not be able to pay the deposit to ST Unitas.

In response to this, ST Unitas argued, “We imposed on us the responsibility that the relationship of trust between the megastudy and the lecturer Yoo Dae Jung collapsed, and the exclusive contract could not be maintained.” ST Unitas said, “A case where a megastudy abused the foreclosure for the impure purpose of killing a rival company.” “By the application for the foreclosure, the megastudy disguises the false facts.” Responds strongly. “

Reporter Yang Eun-kyung


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