48 hours of streaming to fight against student insecurity

The Stud’Force collective, in partnership with the Secours Populaire Français, announced a solidarity event named Stud’Live which will bring together streamers, artists and various professionals (psychologists, nutritionists, coaches, among others) to raise funds that will be used to help French students, whose living conditions have worsened more and more since the start of the related health crisis to Covid-19.

So that’s where comes in Stud’Live, in the form of a forty-eight hour marathon to be held from March 12 to 14, 2021 and which will be hosted by a group of big-hearted streamers! Twenty face-to-face including littlebigwhale and Peter Rabbit, others like Davy mourier and Adrien Menielle from their respective Twitch channels. Moreover, if there are Streamers among you, know that remote participation requests are still open (under certain conditions, of course).

Stud'Live liste streamers

But that’s not all ! Events such as a debate on the benefits of gaming, thematic testimonials staged with professionals from all sectors, students and a representative of Secours Populaire will be there to deal with subjects concerning housing, health or even psychology. And finally, to keep a spirit of celebration, solidarity and sharing, two cultural evenings are planned on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 in a theater near the HQ of Stud’Live located in the Paris region. All of this nice show will be broadcast cross-platform on Twitch, Facebook Live and YouTube.

If you want to support Stud’Live, do not hesitate to follow the event, share the information around you and for the most charitable souls, know that you will be able to make a monetary donation or buy goodies from their store. The money collected will be entirely donated to the Secours Populaire Français and will be used to finance material aid (hygiene kits, food distributions or digital equipment, essential for the pursuit of studies) to distribute them to students in need. All their social networks are listed on their site: https://studforce.webian.io/.


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