44-year-old Ruby Lin appeared to be active, her life was greasy and she looked old, she looked really old

44-year-old Ruby Lin appeared to be active, her life was greasy and she looked old, she looked really old

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On January 26, Ruby Lin appeared at the unveiling ceremony of the visual image poster of the TV series “Those Bird Things They Started”. She, who hasn’t shown her face for a long time, seems to have changed a little this time. I did not expect that the 44-year-old is still aging faster. Although the makeup is exquisite, she still can’t hide her old state. The whole face is very greasy in the picture, and her apple muscles droop seriously , The decree pattern is also very obvious, it seems that the former goddess Fan’er is gone, but she is getting more and more aunty. I feel that Ruby Lin’s changes in the past two years are still quite big, and she looks really old.

In terms of dressing style, needless to say, we have done a lot of time-consuming activities before. She has always continued the intellectual goddess style, and this time is no exception. She chose a small white suit and a black long dress with a gauze skirt. The combination of black and white colors has always been classic, but the suit gives people a smart and neat feeling. It will look too serious when worn alone. Use this black gauze skirt. As a neutrality and fusion, it immediately became fresh and sweet. Therefore, in the past two years, the matching of suits and skirts has actually been fixed as a basic combination. Ruby Lin is still quite seductive to wear.

At a certain age, you will find that in fact, the most in the wardrobe is the simple pure color series. Black, white and gray, as the classic color, are even more fashionable. The little black suit has an intellectual and capable feeling, so Ruby Lin’s hairstyle is not directly draped over his shoulders, but is neatly set up, which looks exceptionally simple, but it really exposes the entire facial features and face. It is clear that the condition of the face is a little worse, but in fact, it can be properly covered with hair.

But like this kind of more formal occasions, Ruby Lin’s neat little editor hair or delicate haircuts are still more popular. Going back to the clothing itself, this kind of basic matching is usually worn by many people in daily life. The only difference is that Ruby Lin wears a unique personal flavor, and the shape is relatively simple and atmospheric, even if it is a skirt, she I also chose a longer mopping model, but it is also perfectly controlled. There is not too much procrastination. It depends on high heels for blessing. You can’t wear this feeling without a certain height, so this is why many female stars wear winter dresses. In the collocation, it is the same reason that I like high-heeled sandals. They are not only simple, but also extremely tall.

In fact, Ruby Lin’s black gauze skirt is not a half-length skirt, but a long skirt style of a shirt. You can see that the upper body is actually a shirt, but it is a lighter lace and silk fabric with a little hollow design. The upper body is not too heavy, simple and light style, but the shirt collar of the neckline, this square stand-up collar, is somewhat more serious, worn with a suit, it really has the temperament of a female entrepreneur, and Ruby Lin has reached this age again.

In fact, Ruby Ruby’s outfits are more conservative and simple, well-regulated, and not particularly fashionable. However, compared with the outfits of ordinary people, they still incorporate personal temperament and style. I don’t know if it’s the clothes, or the illusion. Ruby Lin feels a bit fatter. Apart from her face being a little rounder, she also feels that her figure is the same, becoming a little rounder. So this is also the reason why the overall temperament has changed. Thin related.

In fact, Ruby Lin’s style is still good. Every time she wears, she rarely steps on thunder. The biggest reason is that she chooses the color system. There are almost few exaggerated and fancy bright colors, and they are generally simple and low-key. Black, white and gray, it’s easy to grasp. Although it may not be easy to make a difference, it will never go wrong. The most important thing is that the black can be thin and cover the flesh to a certain extent, and the effect is quite big.

In this appearance, Ruby Lin felt that she was obviously older, and her condition was a bit different compared to before, and her face felt a little broken. She was really old.

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