41-year-old Wu Zun participated in the class reunion and looked as strong as a boy.

41-year-old Wu Zun participated in the class reunion and looked as strong as a boy.

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On February 7, celebrity Wu Zun posted his daily life at the classmate meeting on social networks. He and his male classmates more than 20 years ago met again after many years. The contrast is very obvious.

Wu Zun’s figure is strong and stylish, and his face is well maintained, just like a young man in his twenties. Most of Wu Zun’s former male classmates have changed their appearances. Many of them are blessed, like photos. The four in the lower right corner are a lot fatter and have big belly. They are completely different from Wu Zun of the same generation.

Wu Zun’s post was full of joy of reunion with his old classmates. Wu Zun wrote that for the classmates I haven’t seen in more than 20 years, this year’s New Year party, I finally did not fly…. It seems that Wu Zun, who spent the Chinese New Year in his hometown of Brunei, finally had the opportunity to gather with his former classmates. Even Wu Zun himself felt that everyone had changed too much, but the feeling when the students got together was the same as 30 years ago. Being a classmate 30 years ago, and meeting again today, the fate is really amazing.

Wu Zun also posted some other photos from the party. He took the red packets and distributed them one by one to his classmates and their children. From this move, it can be seen that Wu Zun is undoubtedly a successful person among these classmates, who can be in the Chinese entertainment circle. Red for so many years, Wu Zun is certainly one of the leaders among the students.

A group photo of men and women is naturally indispensable during the party. In this group photo of the classmates, Wu Zun and his wife Lin Liying are very low-key but attract a lot of attention. Not only are the two people good looking, they are also much younger than the classmates in appearance.

Some netizens said after seeing Wu Zun and his classmates’ party photos that Wu Zun and his male classmates seem to be of a different generation. Everyone said, “No matter what else, just look at the status is indeed two generations.” “Like Wu Zun’s uncle.” “He is so cruel to those classmates.”

Some netizens also think of pictures of other stars and classmates, such as Zhang Han and classmates, Wen Bixia and classmates.


These celebrities get along with their classmates in such a great state, and the relationship must have a lot to do with their maintenance and fitness. After all, because of professional reasons, keeping the celebrities beautiful is also part of the job!


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