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4 ways to transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

If you're new to a new iPhone, you're wondering "How to transfer data from old machines to new machines" then here are 4 ways to do it.

1. Transfer with Apple's "QR Code"

Unpack a new iPhone or put an old-new iPhone that you want to receive data next to the old iPhone – -> New-after selecting Language and Region will identify it another iPhone is on the side to show a blue "cloud" like the image below. This cloud is a form of Apple encryption, similar to the QR Code.

"New-machine" will automatically identify and display this encrypted cloud when it sees signs of data transfer between two iDevice close together.

Get the old-used camera scan "cloud" on the new-machine and then follow the steps required on the screen (such as entering the Apple ID password …).

Note, this "cloud" is only available on devices running iOS 11 and above. Now that it has reached 12.2, the require 11 is probably not so bad.

2. Transfer with iTunes
This way requires an additional laptop and iTunes must be installed on the laptop. IOS version on 2 phones and iTunes software version will have to be compatible. Most people use this method as Apple or do it in one way or another to entice us to update to the latest version.

Step 1: Connect the old-computer to the computer with iTunes with the charger cable -> Update iOS and iTunes versions so that they are compatible (what pop-up will appear in the next next next for it to install new version).

Step 2: Choose where back up (archive) is This computer -> press the button BACK UP NOW.

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I am choosing "iCloud" but remember to select This Computer nha

Step 3: For a cup of coffee, wait a bit.

Step 4: Plug in the new machine -> press the button RESTORE BACKUP -> Choose the version I just backed up earlier and run -> Drink coffee and wait -> Done.

Note, iTunes has supported backup & restore without plugging in the cable, but it's a bit geeky, so anyone who doesn't know it is better off using the cable quickly.

3. Transfer over the Internet (OTA)
3.1 Still need a computer

Instead of Step 2 above select THIS COMPUTER then select iCLOUD.
If you choose THIS COMPUTER, your data will be stored on your computer and if you lose your computer or damage your hard drive, the data will "go" always. But the advantage is that RESTORE is much faster.
If iCLOUD is selected, the data will be stored on the Internet, not depending on the computer. The downside is that the restore speed on the phone is super slow.

3.2 No need for a computer
On the old phone: Setting / Click on the spot there Your name (eg Tam Vu as shown below) / icloud / Pull down press iCloud Backup / Back Up Now -> Wait to finish running, your data has been uploaded to "cloud".

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Click on your name to access the iCloud management site

On the new phone: After selecting Language, Region, Wi-Fi, Enter Apple ID … select the version to restore to the device. This is easy, only to run "slightly" for a long time (actually very long).

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Select the option that you want to pull data to the new machine

4. The last, hottest, coolest way: Contact the owner -> make an appointment to delicate cafe -> I make a chop for fast & standard haha :)


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