4 safe games on the Internet for young children
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4 safe games on the Internet for young children

Today, children are growing up in a digital age. They have a chance to see all the wonders and dangers that the Internet brings. Educating children about staying safe online is important. What better way to do that than through fun games?

Many children love video games and parents should know about them. Today’s article will detail some of the free, educational games for children about the dangers that can be encountered online, while also allowing them to have fun and entertaining moments.

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1. How Cybersmart Are You?

How Cybersmart Are You?

This game consists of a series of puzzles, led by an animated character named Sam. This character will talk to the child through puzzles, both text and voice. The game is pretty brief, with a total of 11 questions, covering all topics like email, passwords, the dangers of online advertising and disturbing videos.

One of the interesting things about this test is that each page appears in a bright cartoon style, with a format that matches the content. For example, you can view thumbnails of 4 fictional websites, to evaluate whether they are safe to access, or browse your email inbox to determine whether you should open or delete a certain message.

Children will receive feedback immediately after each question, letting them know if the answer given is appropriate. If the child chooses the wrong answer, a brief explanation of why will be given. For example, if you decide to tell a friend that their website is really bad, Sam will say, that’s not very good and try to imagine how you would feel if someone told you You the same thing.

2. The Case of the Cyber Criminal

The Case of the Cyber Criminal

This game allows players to answer puzzles to defeat a cyber criminal. For each correctly answered question, the player can remove a dangerous gadget from the criminal’s suitcase.

The main topic of this multiple choice test is to combat online information theft. This game includes activities like using strong passwords, identifying who you are talking to and updating software such as virus scanners. Between questions there is a simple tricky challenge – click on the criminal’s face as it moves between screens to answer the next question.

This game has some funny music and a simple cartoon style. Your child will surely enjoy the spy topic and giggle with “silly” James Bond items in a suitcase. But at the same time, this game is also very effective in teaching children about protecting personal information.

3. Internet Safety Hangman

Internet Safety Hangman

Everyone knows how to play Hangman! This classic game is aimed at educating children about how to talk to others online and what kind of information should not be shared.

With only 10 questions, you can finish it fairly quickly. In addition to teaching best practices, like not telling someone your age, this test goes further, by defining terms like link (link) and chatting (conversation).

Guess incorrectly after a certain number of times, the hangman image will appear completely and you have to move on to the next question. At the end of the game, players will see the number of points they receive, based on the number of correct answers. This is a simple game, but worth a try. This game is a quick way for network beginners (like children) to grasp important tips for staying safe on the Internet.

4. Cyber Security Crossword

Cyber Security Crossword

Knowing how to keep online activities safe is important, but it’s also equally helpful to know commonly used words. This is especially true for terms like “adware” or “trojan horse”, because the meaning of these words may not be immediately obvious when first seeing them. As such, it is important to help children understand these words, so they can better understand the online world.

This crossword gives the player a group of words and clues. The goal is to click on a suggestion, then click and drag the answer into the corresponding box. If the answer is correct, the relevant crossword will appear and turn green. The game is very simple, with an animated style, but works quite well.

Unlike traditional crosswords, players are provided with all the answers and just need to find the right hint. This is suitable for young children, but probably not for those who expect a bigger challenge.

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Hopefully your kids will enjoy playing the games that the article has listed and learn something more useful about staying safe online while they play these games.

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Wish you find your children the right options!


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