4 reasons you should buy the Apple Watch Series 6 at this point

4 reasons you should buy the Apple Watch Series 6 at this point

If you’re pondering the price of your Apple Watch Series 6 before buying one, now is a pretty good opportunity. The following article will give you suggestions for you to refer to before going down the money “ring one piece right away”.

The price of the Apple Watch Series 6 is falling

Apple Watch Series 6 was introduced last September. When launched, the Apple Watch Series 6 (GPS only) sold for between 12.99 million for the 40mm version and 13.99 million for the 44 mm version. However, at present, some major retail systems such as FPT Shop, The Gioi Di Dong, and Apple Watch Series 6 GPS are worth up to VND 3 million.

Specifically, Apple Watch Series 6 aluminum rim 40mm rubber wire has decreased below 10 million VND at 9.9 million. Meanwhile, the 44 mm version currently stands at 10.99 million dong.

Versions with added network connectivity (GPS + Cellular) also get similar discounts. Aluminum bezel, rubber wire session is being reduced to 13.99 million from the original 16.99 million. Meanwhile, the most advanced version with steel rim and steel wire is also reduced to 19.99 million from 22.99 million.

Apple Watch Series 3 will be dead

When launching Watch S6 and Watch SE, Apple kept Series 3 while Series 4 and 5 were killed. The reason is that “apple defect” wants to create three segments for users to choose from. If you want a cheap smartwatch, Series 3 will be the right choice. However for now, Series 3 is too old and many outdated features should not be purchased. Meanwhile, SE version only difference with S6 2 million. Therefore, choosing the Apple Watch Series 6 will be reasonable if you intend to use it for a long time.

Apple Watch Series 6 has many high-end features

Apple equips the Series 6 with Always-On Retina display with sharpness and brilliance that is not inferior to the iPhone. The display is also made with LTPO technology to keep it on without consuming too much power. In terms of technology, Apple equips the best of its own like sensors for measuring heart rate and oxygen concentration in the blood, internal GPS for real-time tracking of workouts. In addition, the features of fall detection, emergency notification unique to Apple. The watch also has an eSIM for independent network connection without the need for a phone.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is going to be quite a while away

Last year the Apple Watch Series 6 came out in September, but this year it probably won’t be. The global chip shortage crisis leaves many technology companies without chips to produce. Apple is not out of the game either. Analysts predict, Apple may have to delay the launch of many blockbuster products, including the Apple Watch Series 7. Thus, the Apple Watch Series 6 will still be the most advanced smartwatch. Apple in the long run.


Apple Watch Series 6 currently owns the most advanced features on the market with long-term use. Especially the price of the Apple Watch Series 6 is currently being deeply reduced, making this watch a quite attractive product. Hope this article will bring you useful information.


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