4 reasons why MacBook quality is at the bottom of Apple's history - Photo 1.

4 reasons why MacBook quality is at the bottom of Apple's history

Recently, blogger specializing in Apple, John Gruber, confirmed that the designer is about to leave Apple, Jony Ive, who caused problems with the keyboard on MacBook Pro models recently. According to Gruber, Ive's obsession with thin devices like supermodels has resulted in a keyboard with a design that can't be worse.

In his article, Gruber also said "Today's MacBooks are the worst computers, but they are devices with good looks. " Perhaps we can not agree more – The MacBook Pro from 2016 to now clearly to see is too great, but to use it …

In fact, Apple laptops are always rated as powerful, well-designed, and running a great operating system. But there are 4 points that make them fall off the shopping list of many people, and 3 of them are related to the ultra-thin design that Apple pursues.

Recent Mac laptops, starting with the MacBook in 2015, the 2016 MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Air in 2018, are the worst laptops Apple has ever made. Why?

1. Perishable butterfly keyboard

This is a fairly common problem and is mentioned a lot on new MacBooks, causing many annoying problems for unfortunate users.

Not all MacBooks with butterfly keyboards are easily damaged. For example, almost no users of the 2018 MacBook Air complain about this issue.

Apple has opened a special repair program specifically for butterfly keyboard errors. Quite funny is that even the latest laptops launched by the company in 2019 are included in the program even though no one has used the device long enough to find out if the keyboard actually failed.

2. Repair costs can be extremely expensive for the smallest problems

4 reasons why MacBook quality is at the bottom of Apple's history - Photo 2.

On the way to pursue ultra-thin technology items, Apple brings a new implication: the repair is increasingly difficult and more expensive.

Sometimes, the smallest problems, such as replacing a cheap component, also means you have to replace another large array of components on the laptop. If you don't understand the problem, here are 2 typical examples of this.

The first is the keyboard. If a single key fails, can't be corrected by blowing compressed air or other methods, you'll have to replace the laptop's upper case. The upper case here is the entire keyboard surface, and the Mac laptop battery also often sticks to this case. As a result, even if a button is broken – a piece of plastic costs less than 1 USD – you still have to replace the entire keyboard surface and the battery!

Next is a "flexgate" error – stripes appear around the bottom of the Mac laptop screen. According to iFixit, "The design of cramming the curled cables of the screen makes it very easy to break, resulting in a variety of screen problems that are not easy to fix (and the cost is not cheap).".

Apple has designed cables as part of the screen, so they cannot be replaced. This means that if those bent cables are broken, you have to replace the entire screen, not just one or two small cables – a problem that should cost only $ 6 to fix a 600 disaster. USD.

3. Only USB-C port available

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USB-C is a great connection, no doubt. Faster transmission speeds, higher power capacity, more devices connected – all those promises are real. The idea of ​​Apple is that you only need a USB-C dock on the table to connect the monitor and other common USB accessories to the USB-C port only on the latest Mac laptops.

But not everyone buys a laptop to put it on the table forever? There are countless cases where you need to plug in a non-USB-C device – or USB-A – into your Mac laptop while you're out, and you don't carry any adapters.

The problem here is on new Mac laptops with no USB-A ports. Meanwhile, USB-A devices are still on the road. iPhone still comes with a USB-A cable – Lightning. You can't plug the expensive iPhone XS directly into an expensive Mac laptop, but there's a USB-C port. You need an adapter, and Apple sells it for $ 19, and you have to remember to take it with you, keep it carefully, because if you lose, you'll have to spend $ 19 a second!

Do you feel like you're paying Apple to take all the connections, flexibility, and functions that should be there? You are rewarding this company because they did a bad thing to completely remove the USB-A port. If you don't believe it, ask yourself, have you ever had to spend money plugging a USB-A device into any Mac before 2016?

4. Super powerful machine, but ultra-thin design makes the ability to dissipate heat, resulting in users can not take advantage of the power of the laptop

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When Apple introduced the MacBook Pro running an Intel Core i9 processor in 2018, it was quickly discovered that this laptop did not have a proper cooling system to keep the chip cool enough during the process. heavy work.

In order for the chip to maximize its potential, they need to be cooled well.

YouTuber Dave Lee has placed his MacBook Pro Core i9 in the refrigerator to keep the chip cool enough, for it to work at the highest level.

Apple immediately released a software update to solve the problem, and it was a real improvement. But the MacBook Pro frame is still too thin to cool a super-strong chip like Intel Core i9.

Basically, anyone who buys a Core i9 MacBook Pro does not expect to enjoy the power corresponding to the money it has spent. They simply won't get the maximum performance from their laptop for a long enough time to do complicated tasks.

It doesn't matter what is the reason behind the bad Mac laptops; Is it the fault of Jony Ive, Tim Cook, or someone else. Apple's recent laptops can only be described in one word: bad.

4 reasons why MacBook quality is at the bottom of Apple's history - Photo 5.

Laptop Windows is also not perfect. Some machines also only have one (or several) USB-C ports, but at least they are bundled with an adapter. And the Windows laptop keyboard isn't as fragile as a Mac laptop keyboard. The machines themselves are considerably cheaper, not to mention the numerous designs and brands that you can choose to best suit your needs.

If Apple wants you to pay huge amounts of money for laptops, they should probably find a way to do better than what they are doing at the moment.

Reference: BusinessInsider

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