4-month horror interview with a repeat offender

4-month horror interview with a repeat offender

Brigitte Jobin describes herself as a woman of character, a teacher who has full confidence in her means. However, she lived through four months of hell as she shared her life with an abusive man.

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The Quebecer did not believe she had the “profile” of a victim of domestic violence. Yet this is what she experienced during her short relationship with Jody Matthew Burke.

When they met in 2016, the one who was an ex-mixed martial arts fighter courted him, multiplying attentions and compliments.

The fairy tale quickly turned into a nightmare, however. Brigitte Jobin’s partner gradually isolated her from her family and friends. And after about five weeks of dating and several death threats, the physical violence began.

Initially, he hit himself by playing the victim’s card in order to better trap it.

“He said to me: ‘Stay with me, you must not abandon me. The others have all abandoned me ””, said Brigitte Jobin Tuesday on the program of Denis Lévesque, on the airwaves of LCN.

Quickly, it was she who became the target of her spouse’s violence.

Among the acts suffered, she received countless beatings, in addition to being strangled in a car.

Brigitte Jobin said she always tries to stay in control and avoid panicking. She tried to calm him down and reassure him, because she understood that physically, she was not able to defend herself.

Sadistic and repeat offender

The victim was subjected to forced sexual relations during which he ordered her to demand that she be beaten.

“He asked me how many hits I wanted to receive. If I said that I didn’t want any, he would tell me to choose, otherwise he would choose the number of shots, ”said Brigitte Jobin.

The assaults could sometimes last up to three hours.

Work quickly became the teacher’s only respite.

Prior to their relationship, Jody Matthew Burke had previously been convicted of domestic violence and sexual assault. He wore an ankle bracelet when they first met.

The latter, however, did not reveal his real name and lied when explaining that he had been arrested because he had had problems with street gangs in Alberta.

When she learned her real name, Brigitte Jobin discovered the truth about her husband’s past by researching the Internet. She then confronted him, but he denied, claiming that his ex-wife was lying and that he had never committed these crimes.

A hidden past

Brigitte Jobin, however, attended several meetings with probation officers who never gave her the true picture of her husband’s past.

“The first one I met told me that he only had small couple problems,” she said.

During the following meetings, Brigitte Jobin was always accompanied by her spouse. So she didn’t dare ask a question.

Moreover, the victim affirmed that several officers were terrified by her spouse, which excited the latter.

It was finally after four years of legal proceedings that the teacher managed to send her ex-spouse behind bars.

In early May, the man was convicted of all charges against him. He is now awaiting his sentence.


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