4-minute read out sketch book of 'fine luxury' animal-inspired products

4-minute read out sketch book of ‘fine luxury’ animal-inspired products

“Learn about nature, love it and get close to it. It will never let you down. ”- Frank Lloyd Wright

Andrew Tiah – An artist with a strong passion for discovery, he creates products with unique, vibrant designs with endless inspiration from animals. From a small ladybug to a brown bear, each of his creations make it easy to imagine an animal at once, the author wants to be able to design the relationship between the user and the product. in the closest way!

The ladybug below is the inspiration for this wonderful hairdryer. To set itself apart from conventional hair dryers currently on the market, this dryer uses touch instead of buttons to simplify control. The OLED display allows users to precisely set the temperature and even save their presets! With an idea based on this ladybug’s beauty, the dryer fans are like their wings, the overall look brings a playful approach through the design of this hairdryer.

The headset is a frequently used product, and with these flamingo-inspired designs, is sure to catch everyone’s attention. The headset is made of waterproof organic material, two touch buttons help users adjust the volume and a touch bar is used to pause or play music. The main attraction of this design is its vividness when created creatively.

A shark-inspired jet bike that lets you turn and move easily anywhere. With a seat design that holds the driver close to the driver to help you glide faster. If we talk about sharks, we cannot ignore the sharp iron teeth and their fins, which are two factors that were incorporated into the design to create a figure that looks very strong and sturdy.

Next we meet the modern dragon species – the Arowana Arowana – it is an elongated, sleek fish with scales like a suit of armor. The shoes below are inspired by fish with a waterproof upper, a scaly design and a gel outsole. The eye-catching design of the fish’s vibrant yellow color along with the unique shape is the main attraction of these sneakers!

Talking about ferocious creatures that cannot be ignored dinosaurs, an animal that everyone loves but is not afraid of, they are clearly shown in the Jurassic Park series. Designer Andrew decided to take that as inspiration and include it in a familiar product in our everyday life – the desktop mouse.

The mouse is inspired by the Velociraptor with its sharp lines and color accents to convey the emotions and characteristics of the animal. The LED light bar acts as a digital slider to adjust volume, playback, etc. Andraw got the idea when packing this product into a dinosaur egg with acrylic material!

Next, let’s meet RAVEN, a crow-inspired warm robe, water-proof coat and mask to cover your mouth and nose well suited to the current epidemic.

Bare Sounds (funny name) is a product of ‘dusty’ but equally adorable as a grizzly bear! Designed for outdoor enthusiasts, this Bluetooth speaker uses synthetic aluminum to contrast the bear’s original brown color. Add a lovely plus when the speaker is designed with a bear-ear shape that can help you tie it up while camping!

The exquisite and luxurious Galapagos Turtle-inspired chair keeps you comfortable and productive at home! Called the Conform Turtle Chair, the chair is made from blue felt and has a stainless swivel base. The back is designed with ribbed lines to keep your back supported, and the armrest is tailored for easy operation.

Editor: Thao Lee
Source: yankodesign

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