4 great new games that you can download right now, 100% free


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Pine is a survival adventure game set in a simulated world where humans are not the dominant species of the earth. Here, the human race never tops the food chain and attains hegemony. Pine owns gameplay combined with action role-playing elements to create a rich, colorful survival experience.

With the desire to find a new home for their tribe to settle in, players will have to participate in a journey with many challenges. The preparation steps include adventure to explore, exchange, chat, craft and fight across 6 different biomes. This is a war between species, victory not only helps you survive but also affects many other stories.


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Scavengers is the most massive Battle Royale game ever. With a special mode called ScavLab, the game allows 9000 players at the same time on a large map.

Scavengers are set in the future world when the meteor shower continuously collides with the Earth, causing the environment to change dramatically, bringing the Earth back to the ice age. As an explorer, gamers will be pushed into the frozen wasteland, along with a group of three and tasked with capturing as many data points as possible. Then, gamers have to go off the planet on a dropship with collected data points.

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In addition to the normal Battle Royale mode, developer Midwinter Entertainment has released a completely new game mode called ScavLab, which is similar to the normal mode, but the capacity of the game map will be up to 9000 players. a time. Scavengers opened the door to test ScavLab mode with 1700 players, bringing gamers into a battle of armor when everyone rushed to fight. Thousands of players and tens of thousands of monsters were dropped, making this the most epic battle in the history of the game industry.

Heat Reborn

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Heat Reborn is a first-person shooter, allowing gamers to participate in an arena with many people playing. The game uses beautiful, bright graphics and extremely attractive shooting gameplay.

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Despite being a multiplayer online game, Heat Reborn also has its own storyline. The game tells about the future world in 2100, when humans just went through World War 3. At this time, a great force emerged, forming a new empire called Cinor Empire. This new empire favors the aristocracy, billionaires and oppresses and exploits the people.

As the society got worse and worse, an insurgent force named Kronoc gathered and planned to overthrow the Cinor empire. They combine with a biotechnology called Asin to create the most elite warriors. These people are sent to many secret facilities to practice and hone their skills. Gamers will transform into those mutant warriors and conduct training in the harsh environment to become the best.

Hired Ops

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Hired Ops is an impressive first-person shooter game developed by the Russian team AbsolutSoft. The game has a very large battlefield with many obstacles such as houses, cars … it feels like gamers are really entering a modern war.

Players will use very modern weapons with many special equipment of private companies for mercenaries. The main task of the player is to comply with the ‘contract’ signed earlier.

When participating in Hired Ops, gamers can choose from 1 of 5 character classes with very different tasks and skills on the battlefield. You will have to find a way to create and use advanced furniture to win intense gunfights. In addition, gamers can also exchange, buy and sell furniture through the game’s black market, very interesting.

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