4 F-35, Gripen and F-16 close to Tu-160 in the Baltic Sea

4 F-35, Gripen and F-16 close to Tu-160 in the Baltic Sea

During a routine patrol flight on June 15 over the Baltic Sea, the Russian Air Force used two Tu-160s escorted by two Su-27 and Su-35 fighters. While flying in international airspace, the group of Russian aircraft was approached by a squadron of NATO fighters.

4 F-35s, Gripen, and F-16s sat Tu-160 on the Baltic Sea
Situation Tu-160 surrounded by NATO fighters.

“The pair of Tu-160 bombers of the long-range air force performed the planned flight over the neutral waters of the Baltic Sea. Su-35 of the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) and Su-27 of the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) and Su-27 of the Russian Aerospace Forces. Baltic naval air force (part of the Fleet) escorted the bomber.

The flight time of the squadron was about eight o’clock. During certain stages of the route, Russian strategic bombers flew with F-35 fighters of the Italian Air Force (Italy), F-16 of the Danish Air Force and Saab JAS 35 Gripen of the Russian Air Force. Swedish Air Force,” the Russian Air Force statement said.

This source added, this is the closest to the record number of aircraft. The special thing among them are 4 Italian F-35A stealth fighters, two Gripen and some F-16s.

“There were no unfortunate circumstances, but the whole squadron of NATO fighters flew very close to the Russian aircraft for a long distance before changing direction,” the Russian Air Force added.

The special thing is that at the time when the whole squadron of NATO fighters approached the Russian plane, this military bloc was conducting a large-scale exercise in the Baltic Sea. The exercise is called Baltops 2021.

Baltops 2021 is expected to last two weeks, starting on June 6 and ending on June 18 with the participation of more than 40 military ships of all kinds, 60 aircraft and helicopters, and more than 4,000 soldiers. from 18 NATO countries. It is not yet clear whether the F-35, F-16 and Saab JAS 35 Gripen fighters close to the Russian aircraft will participate in Baltops 2021.

Evaluation of Baltops 2021, Russian military expert Vladislav Shurygin said: “It is clear that NATO’s exercise activities are aimed at Russia. NATO has openly considered Russia as the main enemy and is looking for ways to confront. training soldiers’ combat capabilities and increasing their deployment near Russia’s borders, NATO actively conducts exercises with an increasing number of participants.”

“During the Baltops exercise, NATO bombers also practiced simulated missile strikes on targets inside Kaliningrad and along the border,” said Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Sergey Surovikin. Russia’s western border”.

The Russian Embassy in Washington also stated: “The US sending of B-52H aircraft to participate in the Baltops-2021 exercise is a provocation. America’s show of weapons only increases tensions in Europe. only” and demanded that the US immediately stop such dangerous actions near the Russian border.

The final detail of NATO’s Baltops-2021 exercise is believed to be a limited landing in the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda, not far from the Russian city of Kaliningrad.

In parallel with NATO’s Baltops-2021 exercise, the Russian military also held a naval exercise for the Baltic fleet, warships and aircraft of the Russian army to closely monitor every move of NATO.

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