4 effective ways to help you not waste time every day
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4 effective ways to help you not waste time every day

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After reading the article 4 effective ways to not waste time every day Hey, you will receive a very special gift – a “heap“time to be able to do more immediately.

This sounds unbelievable, right? This is really just a small change – all you need is for Eliminate 4 bad time management habits so that you can avoid wasting time from today. Invite you to consult!

1. Stop spontaneous checking email

Stop spontaneous email checking

Access and exit the inbox (inbox) will create a kind of work “do-stop-do“. Try to estimate how time is wasted when you have to regroup from the beginning every time “cease“Like this how much. You will notice how much time it takes to work. Just opening your email box about 12 times a day, you can pay the price of an unfinished unit per week.

Unless you are expecting an important business-related message, don’t go every day Plan to check email at 3 fixed times: mid-morning, after lunch and mid-afternoon.

Likewise you should do it with audio messages (voicemail), text messaging and other smartphone-related operations. Minimize that harmful disruption by sticking to a fixed schedule.

2. Do not have the thought “Where to come”

Do not have the thought

A story that’s my warning – the author of the post: “I used to have a period of time when I drove lost. Many times like that. It occurred to me that I was indeed someone who had no hope in terms of direction. But then it occurred to me that I myself just lived in a “wherever you go” way. I started things without any specific plan or direction“.

Most of us start our day without a map and end up wandering around indefinitely around the things that are supposed to be really important, waste your own time. But sadly, those who choose to skip planning mistakenly think they are saving time, obviously a foolish act for their bosses, co-workers, and clients.

5 minutes is all you need to make a short to-do list, create a schedule and prioritize what to do for the day. By creating a plan each morning, you will be more successful in prioritizing what to do and what is arguably most important.

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3. Don’t become a magnet to attract distracting objects

Don't be a magnet that attracts distracting objects

Let’s face it, some of us easily distracted than others. Do you find yourself starting to do something important and then being distracted by just a passing colleague?

Chances are you are drawing the distraction to yourself like a magnet.

However, you are not alone. This is a common form of procrastination, not sticking to priorities and wasting time. Fix them by “close the door“, both literally and figuratively:

  • Pick two separate hours each day, which is when you can close your office.
  • Identify important tasks that need high priority of concentration.
  • Notify a colleague of your limited presence by email or outside the door sign; emphasize work Only contact you when there is an emergency during this time.
  • Set your phone to silent mode – Mute the bell and create a voicemail greeting stating that you are busy.
  • Close your email browser to avoid being tempted by signing in to check email.
  • Get out of the Internet – turn off any potential distractions.
  • Once that’s successful, try adding a third hour of work to your schedule.

Serious self-discipline to get things done is not natural. Remember – when you put a job on top priority, you are allowing yourself to be free from outside disturbances.

4. Stop procrastinating in you

Stop procrastinating in you

Procrastination is often noticeable, especially when playing cards on a computer, plugged in on Facebook or wandering out of the office window. However, there is actually another type of procrastination including “busy work“- that’s when you go back and forth to unimportant work. It’s called”silent killer – silent killer“Because even you do not realize what you are doing wrong.

Every time you spend time on unimportant activities is one step back, especially when the more priority tasks and goals still exist.

Stop sinking into the pit of wasted time by increasing the effect of priorities:

  • Don’t just waste time figuring out what to do – It is also important to understand why it is important to you and to your goal, so it is easy to be strict with yourself and get the job done completely.
  • Please use Time Boxing, a reliable time management method by planning your tasks for a set amount of time, or can be understood as fixed boxes, with start and finish times be specific.
  • Remind yourself of when to do things to help minimize the risk factors for large projects and your open time.
  • Use the planning tool, Outlook for example, to create work prompts or to simply set a countdown timer and work until the bell rings.

Set your work schedule closely as it will provide helpful guidance on when to start and when to end.

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Having fun!


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