370,000 applications to vote by mail in Pennsylvania were rejected
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370,000 applications to vote by mail in Pennsylvania were rejected

The state of Pennsylvania eliminated hundreds of thousands of mail ballot registrations prior to the 2020 election, just because of procedural confusion.

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About 372,000 applications have been rejected, according to a nonprofit ProPublica report Friday, due to the fact that the majority of them, about 90%, were duplicated. On average, one in five applications to vote by mail is rejected.

The cause of duplication is that many people who voted in the June primary election may have checked the box asking for a mail ballot for the upcoming November election, the organization said.

However, ProPublica notes, people who are denied voting applications due to this duplication should still receive their vote by mail. They can also vote in person on Election Day.

More than 2.5 million Pennsylvanians asked to vote by mail in this year’s election. The state is forecasting a record number of ballots to be mailed, and as it stands, counties cannot initiate the complicated process needed to finally count these votes until Election Day. dispatch.

The state legislature is also in the process of allowing pre-election counting in preparation for the sprint days before the election. But so far the parties have not reached any agreement on this issue.

Many people worry about, the longer Pennsylvania takes to count the final votes, the more doubts about the confidentiality of the process.

The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania even more confounded the situation by ruling that if a ballot was not sent in a “secret” envelope it would be rejected, which obviously caused the counting of votes to increase. one more step.

The court will also consider whether the ballot should be canceled if the signature on the ballot is different from the signature stored in the voter registration database.

At the same time, there is another battle going on in the court system over the time frames for counting mail ballots. As it stands, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has allowed postmarked ballots to be counted before Election Day and received by November 6.

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