36Kr landed in Henan and joined hands with Jinshui District to provide new impetus for industrial empowerment

36Kr landed in Henan and joined hands with Jinshui District to provide new impetus for industrial empowerment

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As one of the most suitable cities in the central and western regions for the development of the new economy, Zhengzhou, where new businesses in the field of scientific and technological innovation are booming, has ushered in a high-quality enterprise at the “navigator” level and a benchmarking media in the field of science and technology-36 krypton.

On June 8, the “2021 Jinshui Science and Technology Innovation Conference” was grandly opened in Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City. The conference was hosted by the CPC Jinshui District Committee and the People’s Government of Jinshui District, and jointly hosted by the Management Committee of Zhengzhou Jinshui Science and Education Park. It aims to help Zhengzhou become a national regional science and technology innovation center and a national science and technology innovation highland, promote the more efficient development of Zhengzhou’s science and technology industry, and further enhance the visibility and influence of the “innovative smart city, high-quality golden water” in Jinshui District of Zhengzhou. At the conference site, the 36Kr Central China Headquarters, as a key scientific and technological innovation project, held a signing ceremony with the Jinshui District Government of Zhengzhou City on matters such as landing and investment.

2021 Signing Ceremony for Key Technology and Innovation Industry Projects in Jinshui District

As an excellent brand and pioneering platform for serving participants in China’s new economy, the 36氪 Central China Headquarters will be located in Jinshui, providing full-life-cycle corporate services such as information, marketing, and venture capital for large, medium, small and micro enterprises. Feng Dagang, CEO of 36Kr, said in his speech at the conference that the reason why 36Kr registered a regional headquarters company in Jinshui District is not only because Jinshui has great location advantages and obvious radiation effects. It can use the high-speed rail network to achieve efficient synergy in surrounding cities, and it is also based on Jinshui’s high-quality The industrial foundation ranks in the forefront of the top 100 areas in the country, with strong strength in the direction of information security and other industries.

When sharing the business of 36krypton, Feng Dagang said that as the market demands more and more technological innovation capabilities, companies will face some problems that cannot be solved by themselves. Therefore, empowerment has become extremely important, which is important for the industry. Empowerment has also become more valuable and meaningful. 36 Krypton has the ability and confidence to do a good job of empowerment.

Feng Dagang, CEO of Jinshui Science and Technology Innovation Conference 36Kr, gives a speech

In the past ten years, 36Kr has been using high-quality content to help China’s new economy companies and practitioners grow. Provided hundreds of thousands of reports and thousands of events for major companies, and did a lot of capital and corporate, government and company, large company and small company, Internet company and traditional company docking, and continue to try and work hard for This industry gives more value.

In 2018, 36Kr began to implement the strategy of regional sinking and urban layout. Currently, it has established regional companies in more than a dozen provinces and cities including Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Guangdong. As one of the most suitable cities for the development of the new economy, Zhengzhou is an important location for 36 krypton. In order to better empower and serve the enterprises in Jinshui District, 36Kr will also accelerate the localization of Jinshui District. After the 36氪 Central China Headquarters project is launched, it will be fully integrated into Jinshui’s science and technology industry ecosystem, and jointly help Jinshui’s science and technology industry to reach a new level of development, and help Henan enterprises to produce more innovations and results in the dimensions of technology and industry. .

For a long time, 36Kr has been adhering to the core mission of urban industry promotion, serving the growth of local enterprises and serving local economic development. In the future, based on Zhengzhou’s first-class business environment and excellent innovation and entrepreneurial vitality, the 36氪 Central China Headquarters will be rooted in Henan and grow together with the technology innovation and entrepreneurial companies in Central China, helping the new economy advance, and enabling more Henan enterprises.” See the future first.”

36氪 Central China Headquarters will continue to empower new economy enterprises and provide the following services:

1. Media integrated marketing and communication: comprehensive and accurate publicity for new economic groups, and accurate coverage of high-net-worth groups. As a benchmarking media in the field of technological innovation, 36Kr has an average monthly visit volume of more than 500 million, which can reach many investment institutions and target customer groups to accurately promote Henan’s entrepreneurial enterprises and industrial innovation achievements.

2. Planning and execution of large-scale events and summits: organize top regional industry summits, create urban innovative business cards around global and regional hotspots, and enhance the city’s new economic influence. At the same time, 36 krypton’s existing well-known IPs will gradually be implemented in central China. Industry resources help cities quickly enter the fast lane.

3. Precise docking service: through small-scale industry matchmaking meetings or investment and financing matchmaking meetings, local governments are empowered to “invite investment” and “recruit talents”, and widely attract high-quality enterprises, entrepreneurs and investors in related industries to gather in Central China ; Link the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain where companies are located, meet the demands of “finding people”, “finding money” and “finding projects” in the process of corporate development, and accelerate the development of outstanding enterprises in Henan and Central China.

4. Research institutes and industry consulting: focus on research and consulting in primary and secondary markets and new economic fields, and regularly output high-quality research reports based on industry development, capital enthusiasm, and policy orientation, and provide high-quality research reports for governments, enterprises, and VCs/ PE institutions, government guidance funds, incubators/industrial parks, etc. provide professional customized consulting services.

5. Training services: through 36 krypton “track star”, “corporate digital transformation” and other boutique training and study tour products, link growing companies and top companies, venture capital institutions, industry leaders and outstanding investors to help companies Docking the ecology of leading enterprises, or provide opportunities for track cooperation, to help entrepreneurs obtain high-quality resources and accelerate growth.


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