360 Security Antivirus Free: Protect and optimize your mobile performance
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360 Security Antivirus Free: Protect and optimize your mobile performance

Mobile Security is a free security application for your mobile phone that scans your device and protects you from malicious attacks and programs, searches for and fixes vulnerabilities, removes junk from junk files that remain on your mobile and at the same time optimizes its memory.

Manages background and applications intelligently by increasing the response speed of your applications while reducing battery consumption. It also blocks spam according to the list of spam you have entered and of course keeps you up to date on your traffic data statistics. The application menu is divided into three levels.

In the first, applications are analyzed and reinforced so that they deliver faster with the least possible memory consumption. At the second level there is the ability to clean and optimize the operation of the phone by means of which we can clean up the remains of applications, junk files and registrations and of course at the third level the ability to protect our device from antivirus which means that besides Your phone will be safe from viruses and generally any kind of malware.

Finally, another very important feature of the application is that we can at any time control the applications running in the background by terminating those we no longer need so as not to overload our phone memory but also to reduce power consumption.

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