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360 degree infinity pool on the roof of London, how to swim?

This is the first 360-degree infinity pool in the world to be built on the roof of a 55-story building in London. This pool not only has transparent walls but also the bottom of the pool is transparent, allowing swimmers to look straight down and vice versa.

Surely you will wonder how people climb into this pool. The design company said the swimmer would come in and out of the lake through the "erected spiral staircase from the door of a submarine lying on the bottom of the lake."

"You can imagine it is like a tube in a larger tube. The first tube will open a path through the water and create a closed space (Airlock). The second pipe will be the place where the bridge is located. The ladder is controlled by the pre-programmed logic controller, which is commonly used in the industry to automate the process of opening and closing valves and locks at precise times. create very complex but will bring a very good experience. ”

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The "door to door" system will emerge from one corner of the tank (the round circle is in the lower right corner of the top image). Below is the dressing room or other pool services. The part of the lake will be made of cast acrylic instead of glass. This material allows light to pass through water-like wavelengths, making people look from the outside like a whole floating water.

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The building will have a swimming pool on the roof

Below is a 5-star hotel with many other high-end services. The swimming pool, designed by Compass Pools, is planned to be on a 200-meter-high building, but its construction site is not yet determined, only to start construction in 2020.

The designers also equipped the wind measurement system to monitor the wind speed, ensuring that the water in the lake is at a fixed temperature, and not too full to fall down the street below. People will make use of the energy that is often wasted from the building's air conditioning system to heat the pool, so there is no need to use a separate system.

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