Attorney Generals of 36 states in the US sue Google for abusing the monopoly position of the Play Store

36 states in the US sue Google for abusing the monopoly position of the Play Store – VnReview

Recently, Apple and Epic dragged each other to court because the game developer accused Apple of monopolizing the Apple Store with a 30% commission fee for each payment on Apple devices.

Now, according to Bloomberg, Google is facing a similar situation when 36 states in the US filed a lawsuit against the search giant and the Google Play app store. The allegation still revolves around monopoly.

Specifically, 36 states in the US have now filed a complaint, accusing Google of taking advantage of its position to collect a 30% tax on developers. Topping this complaint are the states of New York, Utah, North Carolina and Tennessee. New York Attorney General, Letitia James, announced “Google has now become the custodian of digital devices.”

Users are now paying more for the software they use every day, he added. Utah Attorney General, Sean Reyes, also stated that Google’s monopoly is a threat to a competitive market.

In addition, the lawsuit alleges that this technology giant took advantage of its position, paying a sum of money to Samsung to restrict its own app store for Galaxy devices from competing with Google Play Store. When the competition is lost, the price of software on this store will become more expensive because there is no output powerful enough to balance the power with the Play Store.

In a blog post, Wilson White, senior director of public policy at Google, claims the company doesn’t impose the same restrictions as other mobile operating systems. In addition, Android offers many options and is open to consumers.

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