36 main entrance design ideas perfect for your home

36 main entrance design ideas perfect for your home

1. Stone walls


If you are looking for a simple design for your front entrance then adding two designer stone walls on either side of the door can be a great idea.

2. Partition


If you have a small entrance as shown in the picture, then you can use a bearing metal material to create a barrier between you and your neighbor.

3. Rustic


For a more rustic facade, you can add more flat stone around your main door, which will give the entrance a more rural feel and still look beautiful.

4. Retaining wall


If you have a two-story home, then building two-story ceiling-high walls can help you get a great look.

5. Steps


Adding steps at the entrance will make your front look bigger. The house’s designer also added some potted plants to make it more beautiful and attractive.

6. Wooden board


Using vertical planks like this can help transform the exterior of your home. You can also arrange them in different designs to fit all other rooms.

7. Wooden slats


If you have a large glass door in the front entrance then covering them with wooden slats can also be a fun way to add extra decoration.

8. Small garden


By adding a small garden in the foreground along with a few steps leading to the main entrance, you’ll be able to add a bit of natural beauty to the house.

9. Green facade


For an attractive design, a floral facade on the entrance wall is a great idea. You can replace this idea with potted plants or vines.

10. False ceiling


Adding false ceilings is a great way to make your front door look bigger. It can also be adjusted to fit almost any design you want.

11. Trees


One of the cheapest and easiest ways to redecorate your front entrance is to add trees. Combining different plants can give your entrance a pleasant feeling.

12. Glass and metal plates


Similar looking glass and metal panels will not only add an overall beauty to your entrance, but also protect your home from inclement weather conditions.

13. Wooden roof


Adding a small piece of wooden roof panels on top of your main doors is a great way to make your house facade stand out. These panels are also inexpensive and easy to maintain.

14. Palm trees


By adding a few brushes on either side of the door, you will be able to completely cover the front with naturalness.

15. U-shaped concrete stairs


Concrete is one of the most durable materials, which can be a very good stepping stone to your entrance while retaining a luxurious look.

16. Wooden porch


If you are looking to build a porch then adding a tall wooden block with a ceiling panel is a great idea for this part.

17. The front is clear


Installing more wooden panels above the aisles will give your home the ability to protect yourself against the weather.

18. Stone cladding


Cladding stones on either side of the wall also creates an equally interesting view. Beach rocks are the perfect choice for a similar-looking facade.

19. Color


By painting the entrance wall in natural colors, it helps the walls blend in with the surrounding environment.

20. Dark color frame


To accentuate the small entrance of your house, the panels and doors should be painted in dark colors.

21. Roof geometrical design


If you decide to add false ceilings to the entrance, then choosing a geometric design can help redirect the light source. The great thing about such a ceiling is that it won’t block the light completely.

22. Bright colors


Using bright colors with a rustic theme can elevate the whole mood of the place. It’s a novel way to make your entrance look great.

23. Wall mosaic


Another great design idea for your entrance is a mosaic wall. It can help you customize the entire look to your liking.

24. Potted plants along the path


If you are looking for a budget option to design the entrance, then adding potted plants along the path is something you should consider.

25. Stone objects


Redesigning the entire front part of the house using stone or gravel on the wall is a great way to add a bit of glamor to the entrance.

26. Glass ceiling


Tinted glass is also an option to consider if you want the ceiling to be completely covered but without obstructing natural light.

27. Fountain


There are many types of fountains available in the market, and wall-mounted fountains like the one above are perfect for homes with narrow entrances.

28. Decorate the floor


Adding beautiful tiles or other stone slabs to the floor will give you a modern and luxurious look.

29. Additional factors


One of the easiest ways to bring the entire space together is to add small details like carpets and plants.

30. Door Frame


If you are looking for the thing that highlights the main entrance, the small tiles or decorations surrounding it may help.

31. Wide awning


By leaving a certain part open, you can easily combine the exterior of the house with the sheltered areas.

32. Light-colored facade


It is advisable to add bright colored false ceilings as they are the best way to brighten up the entire space and create a sense of ventilation.

33. The fence


Keep your exterior beautiful yet simple. Just by adding a fence on the front porch, you can have a bit of privacy without compromising your surroundings.

34. Lights


If you want to create a specific “color” for your entrance then it is a must to equip it with the right lights.

35. Separation area


Clearly defining car parking lots and walkways is a must in order to align the space properly. Building domes like these can help balance the scene.

36. Plant trees along the wall


Another great way to take advantage of the entrance wall is to add pots of plants hanging across the wall. These potted plants are easy to grow, making them one of the best alternatives.

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