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How do you plan to spend the 7-day Spring Festival holiday in the Year of the Ox?

Many 36 krypton readers and friends left us a message in the background saying that they did not go home for the New Year this year and did not know how to arrange the Spring Festival holiday. Some friends who went home for the New Year were also complaining about the new year.

No, we urgently contacted the 36Kr Kryptonians and rushed to prepare a “Guide to Not Boring During the Spring Festival Holiday”.Different from the New Year’s book list recommended in the past, this time we also recommend TV series, movies, and games to everyone. Don’t go out, arrange your Spring Festival clearly all at once!

The following recommendations all belong to the private collection of the 36Kr Kryptonians. We do not blindly pursue classics and heavyweights, but they must be interesting and out of mind.Let’s uncover the secret of 36 Kryptonians “Guide to Not Boring During the Spring Festival Holiday”~

the film

01 “Thirteen Lang of the South Sea” (1997)

Recommender: TMT Department-Yang Yafei

“Nanhai Thirteen Lang”

Hong Kong, China / plot, romance, biography / 110 minutes

Douban score:9.2

Douban review:Xie Sheng’s best film ~~~ The so-called “Qu Gao and Widowed”, the sad thing is not the arrogance and arrogance of Qugao, but the short omission and shallowness of the widow. (@JulyChan)

Recommended reason:“Born to die prematurely or be mad”. The film was a dark horse in the Hong Kong film industry at that time. The character “Nanhai Thirteen Lang” in the film was a rich second-generation screenwriter who was beloved by thousands of people in the early days. Although he was a little proud and proud, he made friends with good personalities; all he did was sentimental. , Sprinkle blood, such as helping people to leave the brothel and embark on the path of acting, running to the frontline troops to write dramas to comfort the soldiers, dare to rebuke the ostentatiousness of the screenwriting world; there is only one woman who always loves, even if this woman is one. Start approaching him just to sell the lottery ticket.

In Hong Kong at the time of war, Shisan Lang was able to see through the life of drunkenness, life and death, and with a pen in his hand, he could break through the chaos in people’s hearts. Living in a muddy world and an absurd life, everything is like a dream. I dedicate this film to all mad people who do not compromise with the world. It is recommended to read Zhang Ailing’s novel “Love in the Fallen City”. Part of the backgrounds of the two overlapped with each other, allowing you to experience this idiot more deeply.

Where to watch:Youku, Tencent, Bilibili

02 “The Witness of the Prosecution” (1957)

Referrer: New Media Department-Ding Yuning

“Prosecution Witness”

United States / Suspenseful / 116 minutes

Douban score:9.6

Douban review:Looking at it with a prejudice against the subject matter of the court, I didn’t expect it to be a film that would last for several days. (@影志)

Recommended reason:

The film revolves around the criminal defense lawyer’s perspective, telling the story of his defense of the murder suspect. Each character involved in the case has his own secret and holds the piece of puzzle in his own vision. There are not many characters involved in this movie, only the suspect, the suspect’s wife and other roles, so the focus is not on who the suspect is, but whether he/she really committed a crime. In the words of the wife, this is a story of a wife wisely saving her husband. Among the suspects, it has become a story of the husband using his son to get rid of crime. Only when all the puzzles of the story are put together can we discover the bloody The truth about the murder.

This film inherits the characteristics of the original Agatha Christie detective novel “Unexpected, reasonable”. It is no exaggeration to say that the film has many common sense but surprising reversals, so that the audience will not see the last minute and will never guess the true face of the story. Maybe just when you are ready to applaud the realization of your idealism in your heart, the ending of the film will push you into a deep valley. Maybe just when you think this is another traditional court-themed film, you realize that it is actually right. Serious torture of the evil of human nature.

Where to watch:Bilibili

03 “Two Big Smoke Guns” (1998)

Referrer: Business Development Department-Liu Wenbo

“Two Smokers”

United Kingdom / Comedy / 107 minutes / 115 minutes (director’s cut version)

Douban score:9.1

Douban review:This is a classic gangster movie, but also a perfectly deconstructed movie. (@贺超的绿豆糕)

Recommended reason:Eddie is a gambling “good player” with superb card skills and quick thinking. With the support of friends, Eddie took a huge amount of money to participate in the underworld gambling, but accidentally fell into the trap and owed a huge debt. In order to save their lives and pay off their gambling debts, Eddie and his friends put the target of the robbery on the drug dealer, and bought two seemingly ordinary old-fashioned smoke guns for the robbery. Who would think that this group of drug dealers was thinking about their drug supplier’s money, and carried out a robbery on the same day. After the stacks of neatly ironed banknotes were received, Eddie “Oriental” was waiting to be warmed up. A seemingly ordinary robbery, but inverted again and again, the people involved are not ordinary, the timing is not easy, even the props have their own life experience.

There are so many coincidences in the world, but so many coincidences are gathered in one thing, and it brings a little “magic” flavor. When all the coincidence probabilities meet together, it collides with such a wonderful spark in the play. The whole film is full of Mebius-style black humor. It is eye-catching with unexpected plot design. It is a leader in film noir. “Two Smoke Guns” is my must-see black humor every year. sheet”.

Where to watch:IQIYI

04 “Four Springs” (2017)

Referrer: New Media Department-He Jiawei

“Four Springs”

Mainland China / Documentary, Family / 105 minutes

Douban score:8.9

Douban review:I never thought that I would watch the same movie four times in a year until I met “Four Springs”. (@晚不安)

Recommended reason:The director who lives in Beijing all the year round and his parents living in the southwest, the director’s original intention was to leave a fragment of life for his parents, but in the process of filming, he discovered the wisdom of his parents’ life and the smoke and fire in the world. “Four Springs” is a documentary that has been to theaters, and is also a family documentary full of love and wisdom. It is suitable for family watching during the Spring Festival, and it is also suitable for people watching in groups during the Chinese New Year. Usually work is very busy, and I rarely take time to examine the relationship between ourselves and the closest person. Sometimes we forget to bring warmth to the closest person. This video will also bring you some thoughts about intimacy .

Where to watch:Tencent, iQiyi

TV series

01 “Mountain and Sea” (2021)

Recommender: Content Operation Department-Fang Ting

“Mountain and Sea”

Mainland China / plot / 45 minutes / 23 episodes

Douban score:9.4

Douban review:Must watch the original soundtrack! Throughout the whole process, I was trying to recognize who was under the humiliated faces. I looked at the cast and found that this lineup was too strong. (@一 大井子)

Recommended reason:In a word, I even feel that I have learned how to grow mushrooms. I first saw the title of this play in the circle of friends. I thought it was an ancient mythical love drama adapted from “Shan Hai Jing”. It has been too many times by Amway. I opened it with the mentality of giving it a try. Xuan’s rough face and rough accent-Teacher Huang Xuan is no longer a walking hormone, he is a walking cadre in the Northwest Village. Yes, this is a poverty alleviation drama. It is hard to imagine that the poverty alleviation drama will become the last and possibly the biggest hit in the Year of the Rat. 205,000 people have seen it on Douban, with a score of 9.4, but it is indeed called once missed. It’s a pity that works.

There is no need to repeat how the immigrants in the Northwest Territories built their homes from scratch and the touching story briefing, just point out that there are jokes and tears in this drama, which makes people really believe that the characters in the drama really exist. You know how well it does it. Noon Sunshine’s works so far, I personally think this one is the most worth seeing. I strongly recommend the dialect version. As a Fujianese, I feel cordial and irritating after reading it.

Where to watch:Youku, iQiyi, Tencent

02 “Queen’s Chess Game” ((also known as “Abandoned Pawn on the Back Wing”) (2020)

Recommender: Chief Editor’s Office-Li Yang

“The Queen’s Game”

United States / plot / 50 minutes / 7 episodes

Douban score:9.0

Douban review:It’s great to see people! It’s like looking at the world from the perspective of a smart person! (@It’s the happiest thing to do)

Recommended reason:In the past two years, it has been popular to express the growth of women. Some are in the “Bolina” style, and some are as refreshing as the Queen’s chess game, but they are all true and moving. In addition, the female lead is great.

03 “Major League Baseball” (2019)

Recommender: New Media Department-Sun Fangqi

“Major League Baseball”

Korea / Drama / 60 minutes / 16 episodes

Douban score:9.3

Douban review:It looks good. There are flesh-and-blood and poetic sighs in the unborn workplace, and there are also sports series and heroic sparks. (@夕下刀一望千里)

Recommended reason:The Korean drama “Major League Baseball” is a workplace cool drama with baseball as the theme. It is about a “excellent resume” leader Bai who takes over and leads the “dream team” who is at the bottom of the league season and is about to be abandoned by the consortium. The story of returning to the league championship. The plot revolves around how to adjust the player configuration to change the team, how to solve the problem of players, adjust the contradictions between their own coaches, and the apparently harmonious employee relationship under the pressure of all parties. How to deal with the consortium director to save the team from being disbanded…

Every episode is exciting to watch, so it is recommended to watch it at the time of the new year to rekindle your inner fighting spirit and arouse your yearning for the new year of life. There is persistence in dreams and trust in the team in the play. , Resistance to injustice, although these are clichés, the plot is really amazing. At the same time, the shots and pictures taken are very cinematic.

book list

01 “Legend of Earth Sea” series

Recommender: Financial Capital Center-Zhang Pengcheng

“Legend of Earth Sea”

Author:Ursula Legouen

Douban score:8.7

Douban review:The text is lighter and more beautiful than “The Lord of the Rings”, and the world is more restrained than “The Lord of the Rings”. (@芊芊一刻)

Recommended reason:Ursula Le Guen’s fantasy works are full of surprises, and the text is naturally fresh and beautiful, describing the story of the earth and the sea between man and the dragon, magical healing, and full of philosophy. If you want to read a book quietly during the Spring Festival, the “Legend of Earth and Sea” series will definitely be recommended to you. In addition, the “Earth Sea Legend” series is also one of the greatest fantasy novels in human history. Haruki Murakami once said that Ursula Le Guen, the author of “Legend of the Earth Sea”, is one of his favorite female writers. Miyazaki once admitted that the “Legend of Earth and Sea” series is the source of inspiration for all his animation works.

02 “Bright Republic”

Referrer: Marketing Strategy Department-Liu Shuang

“Bright Republic”

Author:Andres Barva

Douban score:8.7

Douban review:“In the morning when the world failed, people were busy hunting down a few wandering children.” “Heart of Darkness” + “Lord of the Flies”, a fictional American chronicle, and an allegorical modern apocalypse. (@想吃面)

Recommended reason:“The Republic of Light” is a novel by Andrés Barva, a small one, suitable for carrying and reading during the Spring Festival. At first glance, the content is mysterious and magical, but it is actually amazing. The golden sentences came out frequently, poking deep inside. It is as heavy as “A Hundred Years of Solitude” and as mysterious as “Pedro Baramo”; it has a strong natural style and is quite intellectual.

03 “Selected Works of Mao Zedong”

Recommender: To B Industry Department-Shi Yaqiong

“Mao’s Anthology”

Author:Mao Zedong

Douban score:9.4

Douban review:It was only after many years of work that the author’s things were very intelligent, such as dialectics, seeking truth from facts, and investigating have a say. Don’t pay too much attention to the concepts of Marx and Engels, read it as an ordinary book, fade the halo, return to the origin, and analyze the problem quite incisively. (@霸王别急)

Recommended reason:“Selected Works of Mao Zedong” is a research report that answers the current situation in China and where the problems come from; it is also a methodological revelation, “Who is our enemy? Who is our friend”, and the main contradictions are resolved. Important methods and ideas for work-related problems; at the same time, it is also a very complete research case. It is difficult to share such a complete “changing people” entrepreneurial ideas; this is still a very good chicken soup, which is believed to be successfully solved Inspirational book with super puzzle.

04 “The Origin of Complex Life” (2020)

Recommender: TMT Department-Li Qin

“The Origin of Complex Life”

Author:Nick Lane

Douban score:9.6

Douban review:The origin of life, human health, life and death, after reading this book, you may be able to ask again. (@want to see you)

Recommended reason:Read the title of the book to know the general meaning. The birth of all complex life on earth originated from the accidental symbiosis of two kinds of bacteria 2 billion years ago, and the metabolism law and survival cycle of life were also imprinted at that time. Why did life evolve along such a confusing path? From the perspective of bioenergy, biochemist Nick Lane gave us a key that is expected to solve the mystery of biological origin. Bill Gates once made this evaluation of this book: a breathtaking inquiry into the origin of life. This book impressed me.


1. Switch host series:

01 “Assemble! Animal Crossing

Referrer: New Media Department-Kang Tianyi

“Assemble! Animal Crossing

Number of games:1-8 people

Recommended reason:I don’t need to talk about how hot Dongsen is. It is worth mentioning that during the Spring Festival, Dongsen launched Spring Festival limited items such as Spring Festival door decorations and Spring Festival red envelopes, as well as New Year greetings from small animals. Through online, you can also watch the aurora, make a snowman, take a group photo, send red envelopes, etc. on the island with your friends. You can also have a lovely and warm New Year on the island.

02 “Break Up Kitchen 2”

Recommended by: Urban Development Center-Liu Xiyan

“Break Up Kitchen 2”

Number of games:2-4 people

Recommended reason:“Break Up Kitchen” is very suitable for two people to “eat” during the New Year. Of course, you can also invite friends to play together. It supports up to four people online. It can be said to be a thrilling “multiplayer sport”. Hope that the teenagers who experience “breaking up” with their girlfriends during the Chinese New Year will act quickly.

03 “Super Mario Party”

Recommender: Future Car-Li Yupeng

“Super Mario Party”

Number of games:2-4 people

Recommended reason:“Super Mario Party” is very suitable for playing with friends and family. It is a simple but fun game that is the best tool to adjust the atmosphere. I have to say that the 80 different mini games are the finishing touches in the game. In the mini game, the handle becomes the handle of a pan, a tennis racket, a piston that controls the flow of water, a glass jar full of candies…

04 “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”

Referrer: Content Operation Department-Zhang Ge

“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”

Number of games:1 person

Recommended reason:The process of the past adventure decryption games is nothing more than upgrading equipment, fighting bosses, and saving the princess. But in Zelda, the princess has long been left behind. Cooking, sandboarding, building houses, bowling, fishing, archery, horse riding, pig raising… is the business! If I only play one game in my life, then I would choose Zelda!

2. Steam series

01 “Dyson Ball Project”

Recommender: TMT Department-Zhang Xinyu

“Dyson Ball Project”

Number of games:1 person

Recommended reason:The game is set in the future. Virtual reality makes space and time irrelevant. Humans have developed a new type of supercomputer, but the entire planet does not have enough energy to power this machine. The player is a space engineer who is responsible for building the Dyson sphere to generate the energy needed by humans. In the beginning of 2021, several domestic stand-alone games, including this one, will gain word of mouth, and let people really see the hope of domestic games.

02 “Don’t Starve Together”

Referrer: New Media Department-He Yuting

“Don’t Starve Together”

Number of games:Multiplayer

Recommended reason:“Don’t Starve Online” is a primitive wilderness survival game. In the game, players will enter an unexplored wilderness world, full of strange creatures and all kinds of unexpected dangers. In the online version, players can fight side by side with friends, or team up with strangers to explore together. It’s very fun to build camps and hunting together with a few friends. Recently, the “Piverlow Year of the Ox” festival has been launched. It is no longer boring to celebrate the New Year alone.

03 “Humanity’s Failure”

Referrer: New Media Department-Kang Tianyi

“Humanity A Disappointment”

Number of games:1-8 people

Recommended reason:“Human Failure” is a relaxing and funny sand sculpture game, the game scene takes place in a misty dream. Players need to control the villain to climb, cooperate with friends to solve puzzles, and finally reach the end together. Players can either stand-alone autistic, or up to eight people can play together. The joy of the game is that the body of the villain is very soft and difficult to control, and the movement of controlling the villain to climb is very humorous and interesting. The game also introduced the setting of the Spring Festival Hall during the Spring Festival, which is suitable for experiencing easy and funny breakthroughs with relatives and friends during the Spring Festival.

3. Classic mini games

recommend games:Contra, Super Mario, The King of Fighters, MapleStory, etc.

Recommended reason:In the era without smartphones, the generations born in the 80s and 90s spend their youth time with the little bullies, red and white machines, and classic mini games. How many people used to have leisure after class, Contra, Super Mario, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and the King of Fighters. …… During the Spring Festival house holiday, you can also choose to recall childhood, replay the classics, and experience the feeling of “father youth”.

“Super Mary”


Recommend a website https://www.yikm.net/ for everyone, which is a collection of childhood games, that is, you can feel the joy of childhood at any time without a game console in your hand. It can be played on both mobile and computer terminals, but the computer web version experience will be better.


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