36 krypton debut | cut into the mother and baby track from mosquito repellent milk, ``BabyColour'' received tens of millions of RMB angel round financing

36 krypton debut | cut into the mother and baby track from mosquito repellent milk, “BabyColour” received tens of millions of RMB angel round financing

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Authors: Zi Pei, Zhang Ting

36 Krypton learned that recently, BabyColour, a maternal and child brand, received tens of millions of RMB in angel round financing, exclusively invested by Sole Capital, and Anyu Consumers acted as the exclusive financial advisor. It is reported that this round of funds will be used for marketing and product development.

“BabyColour” focuses on the research and development of maternal and infant products with scientific dosage and high-quality raw materials, and creates a full line of products including personal care products for children from birth to growth. Currently, mosquito repellent milk and repair products have been launched in the WeChat private domain mall. Creams, skin care creams and many other products.

BabyColour product picture (photo courtesy of interview)

According to a report, the domestic maternal and child market is expected to reach 446.7 billion yuan in 2021. In contrast to the lower and lower willingness of young people to have children, the cost of raising a child has skyrocketed. How to find safe and assured products has become the first lesson for most novice parents in raising a baby.

As the mother of two children, Eliza, the founder and CEO of BabyColour, told 36Kr that there is still much room for improvement in the research and development of domestic maternal and child products. Foreign high-quality formulas rarely enter the domestic market. Some domestic products have poor raw materials, quality and efficacy. Guan, even some brands use shoddy “consumption mother’s love”.

Eliza said that BabyColour selects domestic and foreign high-quality raw materials and cooperates with international manufacturers on the raw materials and factories. The products are produced in accordance with quality inspection requirements higher than international standards. Nicole, the founder and head of product research and development, has worked with more than ten international brands. Years of cooperation experience.

The first track BabyColour cuts into is the personal care for mothers and babies, and the first product is plant essential oil fragrance milk. According to Eliza, most of the mosquito repellent products on the market use pesticides such as DEET, BAAPE, and Perkridin, but the content of these chemical components is not enough, and the fruit is not good. The content reaches the standard of mosquito repellent effect and is easy to affect the child’s nervous system. Or skin side effects. At the same time, as the epidemic has increased public awareness of animal-borne viruses, consumer demand for mosquito repellent products has increased rapidly. BabyColour chooses to cut in from a pesticide-free mosquito repellent, uses the scent of traditional Southeast Asian plants to repel mosquitoes, and adds moisturizing ingredients to make a plant essential oil mosquito repellent that can be directly applied to the skin without the risk of inhalation and has more comprehensive protection.

Plant essential oil fragrance milk (photo courtesy of interview)

In addition to mosquito repellent milk, BabyColour will also launch more than 10 products including multi-effect repair cream and moisturizing skin cream this year. Among them, the multi-effect repair cream is developed in cooperation with domestic pediatricians. It focuses on non-hormonal natural plant extracts. On the basis of protecting the skin barrier of infants and young children, it can prevent itching, inhibit bacteria, isolate and repair, and reduce the recurrence of eczema.

In terms of brand positioning, BabyColour does not intend to define itself as a personal care brand for infants and young children. Instead, it is positioned as a full line of maternal and child products that can accompany children and mothers from birth to growth. This is also reflected in product design and follow-up. Product planning. Eliza told 36Kr that BabyColour will first launch makeup products for expectant mothers, mothers and children in the supplies track. The products are currently being tested. Later, they plan to hold pop-up store activities in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other first-tier cities. In terms of product design, the team adopts a lively and light design style. While attracting consumers with “appearance”, it also focuses on safety and efficacy. It creates the concept of “baby skin care products” to retain more “sensitive skin” and “Party Party” crowd.

In terms of sales channels, online BabyColour first promoted its own WeChat private domain platform, spreading from the core user population of moms, followed by social media platforms such as Douyin and Xiaohongshu, and further opened up in the form of celebrities bringing goods. Group of young women. At present, products such as mosquito repellent milk have been promoted in a small range of KOL, and will be officially launched during the 618 period. Offline, BabyColour has also begun to deploy in high-end private medical and offline maternal and child chain stores. Eliza revealed that it has received more than 1 million orders from the C-side, and the total sales are expected to exceed 100 million this year.

In terms of the team, the founder Eliza is a serial entrepreneur with many years of experience in the maternal and child, e-commerce industry. Eliza used to serve as an executive of the entrepreneurial team of the vertical e-commerce company Ruiyi.com, and served as the general manager of Hong Kong’s Tsinghua Tongfang business unit and the co-founder of Bochuang. He has served many infant milk powder brands such as Nestle and Yili, as well as United Family Healthcare, Many brands such as Xiaolu Dingding have been responsible for the overall planning of multiple consumer projects; Nicole, the head of research and development, has served many daily chemical and personal care brands such as L’Oreal, Unilever, and Pechoin.

Regarding this investment, Zheng Lianfa, the founding partner of the Only Capital Angel Fund, said: “As the main birth force, the post-ninety-born mothers have undergone significant changes in information acquisition, consumption propositions, brand recognition, etc., and this change has occurred at the same time. Among the people in all tiers of cities, the needs of users in the direction of maternal and child care are growing rapidly, and mothers need safer, more subdivided, and more effective products, and they have a picky choice of brands. Users in this category have a long life cycle. The market size, penetration rate, customer unit price, and consumption frequency of the category are all increasing, and there is a chance to create a big brand. I am optimistic about the initial aspiration of the BabyColour team, the critical attitude towards products and the pursuit of brands.”


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