36 krypton debut丨 "Yellow Pig" completed tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A round of financing, and launched a new "Breakfast Cup" porridge series

36 krypton debut丨 “Yellow Pig” completed tens of millions of yuan in Pre-A round of financing, and launched a new “Breakfast Cup” porridge series

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36 Krypton learned that the convenience food brand “Huang Xiaozhu” has completed a Pre-A round of financing of tens of millions of yuan. This round is jointly invested by Jinshajiang Venture Capital, Zesheng Venture Capital, and Dexun Investment. Huang Xiaozhu founder Qian Hailong told 36Kr that this round of financing funds will be mainly used for product research and development, brand marketing and closed-loop building of e-commerce channels.

Huang Xiaozhu is a newly established food brand in 2020, entering the convenient fast food market from the perspective of Chinese fresh porridge products. This is the second round of financing completed within one year of the establishment of this new brand. Previously, it was reported in March of this year that Huang Xiaozhu had completed a seed round financing of 10 million yuan invested by Yisan Capital. It is worth mentioning that Huang Xiaozhu is also the first project launched by the newly-entered investor Zesheng Ventures after its establishment. The fund partners include former Fengrui Capital Consumer investor Huang Hai.

Regarding the product positioning of the newcomers in the congee industry, 36Kr had made a detailed introduction when it was first covered. In short, Huang Xiaozhu is trying to take the route of “fast food + non-cold chain + short-term protection”, abandoning the method of adding preservatives used in the past, and Huang Xiaozhu adopts the brand core “Super Fresh Kettle™” The technical process sterilizes the food at high temperature and high pressure. Convenience is also preserved to a certain extent. It can be maintained at room temperature and 160 days short warranty. The product can be eaten when heated in a microwave oven for 90 seconds or heated in a water bath.

Since its establishment, Huang Xiaozhu has developed and launched four “light luxury” series of porridge products including abalone seafood porridge, bird’s nest and white fungus porridge, ginseng chicken porridge, sea cucumber millet porridge, and launched the “workstation breakfast cup” series during 618 this year. product. It is reported that the core formulas of Huang Xiaozhu’s products are jointly developed with “Hong Kong Chef” Dai Long. In addition, all the ingredients are packed and processed, and corresponding side dishes are customized for different flavors of porridge.

New product of Huang Xiaozhu’s “Breakfast Cup” series, according to the interviewee

Qian Hailong, the founder of Huang Xiaozhu, told 36 krypton that porridge is a typical large single-product logic. The market is large enough, and porridge is an indispensable existence in Chinese food. Before Huang Xiaozhu, market channels are relatively scattered, and traditional retail The channels mainly include convenience food brands such as Yinlu, Wahaha, and Qinqin. In addition, there are also take-out channels, convenience store channels, and street breakfast shops that provide fresher porridge options. Industry data from Huang Xiaozhu’s research shows that nearly 70% of the demand for porridge consumption is in convenience stores, snack bars, offices and other forms of eating out, while porridge consumption at home accounts for a relatively low proportion. This is especially evident among young people in fast-paced first- and second-tier cities.

Huang Hai, a partner of Zesheng Ventures, one of the investors in this round, said that porridge, noodles, noodles and rice are the four main food categories of the Chinese, and only porridge has not yet appeared as a leading brand in the form of packaged food. Furthermore, as the largest category in the takeaway field, porridge has a wide range of needs. The form of packaged food can meet more scenarios. Young people basically don’t make porridge at home, but porridge is just needed and consumers need more convenience. Tasty solution.

Under the premise of a healthy upgrade of porridge products, Huang Xiaozhu tries to innovate product forms to meet the more convenient and refined consumption needs of people in typical porridge drinking scenes. It is reported that on the basis of the light luxury gift box porridge, Huang Xiaozhu will launch the “work station breakfast cup” during the 618 period of this year, such as crisp and crisp fresh porridge with vegetables, five red waxy glutinous fresh porridge, and fresh porridge with chicken, mushrooms and mushrooms. Series of porridge products. According to Qian Hailong, the “Workplace Breakfast Cup” series products are aimed at office white-collar workers in first- and second-tier cities where breakfast is often overlooked. Compared with traditional breakfast porridge, Huang Xiaozhu can easily take and drink “just like coffee”. In different scenarios such as office, commuting to get off work, high-speed rail travel, and going to school.

It is worth mentioning that the light luxury gift box products and the newly launched “work station breakfast cup” series are divided into different price ranges, the former is between 40 yuan and 70 yuan, and the latter further drops to about 10 yuan. According to Qian Hailong, Huang Xiaozhu plans to launch more new series of products in the second half of the year. According to the data of the business staff, Huang Xiaozhu performed well in the brand’s “first show” this year. In 618, it won the first place in Tmall’s instant porridge category. It is reported that this series of new products has recently been launched on JD.com crowdfunding and raised 50 times the amount of crowdfunding.


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