36氪 Weekend Supplement vol.4|The size of the week is gone, how can I make up the missing salary?

36氪 Weekend Supplement vol.4|The size of the week is gone, how can I make up the missing salary?

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Good weekend~

A big news in the technology industry this week is that Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon, the world’s largest e-commerce platform, has officially stepped down. Amazon can also be called the originator of online shopping, and the Amazon founded by Bezos in 1994 was actually an online bookstore in the beginning. But the establishment of this bookstore can be said to have affected the fate of countless bookstores all over the world. Since then, e-books have become popular. Even if they are buying paper books, people have gradually turned to online shopping instead of traditional bookstores. buy.

Not to mention that Chinese Internet giants such as Alibaba and JD.com, which have emerged following the Amazon business model, have rewritten their lifestyles and economic patterns. The significance of Amazon’s innovation in our current era can be seen.

But in today’s weekend supplement, we want to revisit the beauty of paper books and physical bookstores with you, even if the emergence of the Internet and e-commerce giants cast a shadow over their survival. We would like to recommend to you a picture book that records the check-in strategy of more than two hundred bookstores at home and abroad, a Chinese documentary related to books, and an awesome offline book fair held in Beijing this week.

Just this Friday, Bytedance also announced that it will cancel the small and small work mode on August 1. How can workers who can finally spend weekends spend the weekend to make up for the loss of salary?

Let’s look down together~

1. Books

“If there is no bookstore: Chinese book fans check-in plan”

The hypothesis in the first half of the book’s title I wonder if you have thought about it in the same way? What if there is no bookstore? But don’t have a bookstore!

So taking advantage of the existence of bookstores, you might as well follow the author’s brush to check in more than 200 bookstores at home and abroad one by one. A major feature of this book is that the illustrator Green Tea drew the many bookstores covered by his travels with simple strokes and designed a roaming route, which gives the readers a basis for imagination while traveling.

Book lovers must have a special plot for physical bookstores, and for those legendary bookstores, they are even more fascinated by them. When I went to Paris on the first stop, I couldn’t wait to make a pilgrimage to Shakespeare’s bookstore on the left bank of the Seine. At the moment when we cannot go overseas for the time being, we can still read the book and take it to visit many good bookstores in China: bookstores in Beijing alone will be enough for you to visit for a few days!

Two, film and television

“But there are books”

For documentaries about reading and paper books, this “But there are books” is the first. The title is too vivid, as someone asked, what have you experienced before this “but”? But no matter what hardships and discomforts we have experienced, we still have books-books are also consolation.

Reading can help you escape for a short time and open up another outlet to a whole new world.

I believe that everyone who loves to read will be curious about the creative process of selecting a good book editor and the designer who does the binding design; in addition, if you have bought a second-hand book, you will be curious about the original owner of the second-hand book and the drift of the book itself Experience; even in today’s era when e-books are prevalent, you may have thought about the meaning of paper books and the ultimate meaning of reading, and these are all involved in documentaries. Book lovers must be hooked after reading them.

Three, the game


This week Nintendo announced that the new game console Nintendo Switch OLED will be on sale on October 8. It does not have the 4K image quality support and Bluetooth functions that previous players have expected, but only the screen is updated to an OLED display.

This update inevitably reminds people of the old Ren’s history. For example, the previous Game Boy series have experienced historical display updates from black and white to color.

Therefore, the game we recommend in this issue is “Evoland”, a game that pays tribute to games such as Zelda and Final Fantasy. As the game progresses, you will experience from black and white 2D pixels to color 3D image quality, The quality of the soundtrack is also constantly advanced, and it can be said that you can fully experience the evolutionary history of RPG games. If you want to go back in the history of game consoles from black and white to color screen updates, this game couldn’t be more suitable.

Four, podcasts

The picture comes from the screenshot of the small universe

This Sunday in European time (early Monday morning, Beijing time) the 2020 European Cup final will be held in London. England and Italy will compete for the championship trophy.

It coincided with the podcast “Eight Fen” following the conversation with writer Yu Hua in the previous issue, another widely-loved guest, Mr. Xu Zidong, was once again as a guest. The audience exclaimed that it was another dream linkage, and this time the Taoist leader Liang Wendao and The subject of Mr. Xu Zidong’s conversation is exactly the football topic that both people like to talk about in this European Cup.

They believe that football is as fascinating as life, and group matches and knockout matches seem to correspond to different stages of life: group matches have a high error tolerance rate, and opportunities and choices seem endless; and the final word of the knockout matches is like the life of young people who deal with careers and marriages. Stage-every battle is a tough battle. In addition, the charm of football lies in its contingency, whether it is for the players participating on the field or the fans watching off the field, it is like the journey of life facing oneself. As a fan with fifteen years of watching football, I feel that the two of them have said in my heart: watching football is actually watching my own youth and life.

Five, offline activities

Picture from the public account of abC Art Book Fair

The offline event I will recommend this week is the 6th abC Art Book Fair 2021·Beijing that I have been looking forward to for a long time. abC is the acronym for art book of China. This exhibition was held at the Today Art Museum in Beijing from July 9th to 11th. It brought together a number of art publishing units and publications at home and abroad.

Different from other book fairs, this book fair will also have attention units similar to those set up in the film festival. For example, this exhibition includes “Voice Nomads” and “VAI PURE! Let’s go!-Women’s Art Reading Room” And other attention units.

In particular, the “Women Art Reading Room” project will display women’s art books and art practice materials, reflect on the consumption of female images in a consumerist society, through various forms such as exhibitions of female artists’ works, poetry reading sessions, sharing sessions, and video screenings. , Let more people see the artistic expression that truly belongs to women.

The above is all the content of this supplement. Have you had any special stories with books and physical bookstores? Welcome to leave a message and have a nice weekend


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