34-year-old Yang Mi appeared at the global press conference and stood out with a one-shoulder skirt, which really gave the Chinese a long face

34-year-old Yang Mi appeared at the global press conference and stood out with a one-shoulder skirt, which really gave the Chinese a long face

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Yang Mi, everyone who has been on fire for so many years must be very familiar with them. They all say that they are 13 mothers desperately. They have been working uninterrupted for more than ten years, and the output of works has been extremely high. The most important thing is that the new generation continues. In the rising era, she remained popular as a post-85s.

The 34-year-old appeared at a global press conference this time. She was able to stand out just by wearing a one-shoulder long dress. She really gave the Chinese a long face. She deserves to be the “Queen of Carrying Goods” selected by domestic netizens. Anything can highlight the temperament.


This black body can be said to be a perfect display of her elegant temperament, especially when her arms are exposed, and her white skin color is perfectly presented in front of her eyes, which shows her skin color and naturally shows her excellent advantages.

This kind of pure black skirt looks relatively simple, but this black skirt shows a kind of mature elegance and dignified atmosphere of the whole person, and a particularly high-level aura is exuded from her shape. .


The design of this dress is very simple. First of all, we see that the overall dress is a very slim design, showing her rugged figure, and the superior raw material design is just right, highlighting a gourd-like figure curve. I mopped the floor. I think the skirt better shows her overall good temperament.

The second is the oblique shoulder design of the shoulders. The irregular shoulders show that her neck and arm lines show the advantages of skin color. At the same time, this one-shoulder dress will not appear exposed, highlighting a kind of Dignified temperament.

What are the advantages of a one-shoulder dress?

1. Elegant and atmospheric

This one-shoulder design skirt is usually used as a ceremonial dress, and the overall design is not too much, but it is often this simple and elegant design that can easily highlight the elegant temperament of women.

Because for many celebrities, it is very common to wear a variety of high-end dresses to attend fashion events, but if the figure is particularly plump or does not want to expose too much skin color, you want to highlight the dignified atmosphere of the whole person, this kind of oblique The shoulder dress can satisfy them.

2. Highlight the arm lines

Compared with the tube top skirt, this kind of sloping shoulder dress can highlight the dignified temperament of the wearer. It will not show our skin color too much, but it still shows the shoulder line on one side. , It feels elegant and very atmospheric.

And it is precisely this kind of strapless design that can better highlight our figure. The sloping shoulder dress usually can show the advantages of arm lines and skin color. This kind of skirt that can highlight the arm lines is not easy to control. Oh!

What should I pay attention to when choosing this kind of skirt?

Tips1: Those who have “bye bye meat” on the arm should be avoided

Compared with the tube top skirt, this kind of sloping shoulder skirt can better modify some of our arms and shoulder lines, but it can also show our other arm.

This requires us to have a more slender figure, and the arms should not have any fat, otherwise it will be particularly lackluster and very rustic when worn. Therefore, women who have meat on their arms must avoid this kind of dress.

Tips2: Do not be too old-fashioned hairstyle

When we use clothing to present the temperament of the whole person, the hairstyle is also very important for the whole styling. If the selected hairstyle is not suitable for the overall clothing, then it will not be able to show a more perfect temperament.

This kind of sloping shoulder dress, no matter what fabric is selected, this single design and the overall sense of elegance require us to make good use of temperamental hairstyles. If the hairstyle is too old-fashioned, the whole creation will make Then it will make the whole person look very old.

Tips3: Slim version is more temperamental

One-shoulder skirts must choose a slim style. The loose design is not suitable for one-shoulder design skirts, and it cannot highlight the charm of the whole person. Generally speaking, they are tight-fitting or some mopping styles with tight and loose tops.

And this kind of dress itself is a design sense that shows the figure very much, but it is said that this one-shoulder dress can better modify our figure, so that the whole shape will not appear exposed, and at the same time it can show the whole person. Elegant charm.

Fashion analysis:

In general, one-shoulder dresses are more “conservative” for many women. They will not show our skin color too much, nor expose our figure easily, especially for women who are particularly plump, wearing this This kind of skirt can not only show the charm of the figure, but also highlight an elegant atmosphere.

We will find that many people and many female stars will choose tube top skirts to attend the event, but tube top skirts require a certain sense of slenderness for the wearer, and the one-shoulder design can adapt to all kinds of body shapes, and the simple design is easy and relaxed It can also show a high-end fashion sense, highlighting a more low-key and atmospheric charm.

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