30-month sextortion case for the former owner of the Ferris wheel

30-month sextortion case for the former owner of the Ferris wheel

The former owner of the Montreal Ferris wheel refused to answer questions when he arrived at the Montreal courthouse on Monday afternoon as it is sentencing day for the 47-year-old.

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30 months in prison for Jeff Jorgensen ruled on judge Mélanie Hébert, in addition to prohibiting her from possessing weapons and from communicating with the victim during her detention.

Jeff Jorgensen has pleaded guilty. He had no criminal record. Jorgensen showed little empathy for the crime he committed, the crown attorney stressed.

The 47-year-old must understand that his actions harmed the victim and members of his family.

He faced up to four years in prison for a sextortion case against two businessmen from whom he demanded $ 2.5 million in cryptocurrency.

In 2019, he threatened to release intimate footage of a wealthy North African businessman found on a hard drive he got his hands on.

Jorgensen then contacted the man under a false identity, asking for money.

There followed a series of threatening messages to encourage the businessman to untie the purse strings. Another man, known to the first victim, received similar messages.

The victim suffered humiliation and lived under the threat of a publication of intimate images on social networks, to various people, hotels, restaurants and shops, said judge Mélanie Hébert.

Jorgensen got caught and, following his arrest, he admitted his guilt.

– With Michael Nguyen from Journal de Montréal


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